Friday, February 6, 2009


Hello friends and family!

Kendra's parents, Oma and Opa arrived safely last night. Usually we put the twins to bed at 7:00 PM and they sleep until 7:00 AM. Lucky for Oma and Opa, Layla had a stinky reason that needed attention so Kendra was sitting quietly, holding Layla when we walked in the door from the airport. Oma barely took time to put her suitcase down before jumping in on the cuddling.

Unfortunately, Layla got all wound up from the excitement and decided to show off her walking skills for Oma and Opa. We put her Nunu (blankie) on her head and that didn't stop her from trying to walk all around the kitchen.

Whoever was closest to Layla as she walked by would take the Nunu off, say "boo" as she giggled, and put it back on her head so she can wonder around some more. Oma's arms have not been empty since she woke up this morning and there are plenty of babies to love and hold around here. At one point Oma was more interested in the baby sign language video than Easton was.

We spent the morning doing absolutely nothing (for once) and decided after lunch to go to the park and enjoy the perfect weather while it lasts. There were ducks waddling around, huge cranes flying overhead, and acres of grass for Layla to practice her Tai Chi.

I taught her that move. Just kidding... As she struggled to walk over the rough, grassy terrain she waved her arms around wildly to help balance herself. While Oma and Opa played with the twins in the swings Kendra and I laid next to each other soaking up the sun and the peaceful outdoor noises. Peaceful except we could hear Layla off in the distance screaming at the top of her lungs with excitement as she swooshed back and forth in the swing. Here's a good shot of Easton with his grandparents.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to get a self portrait. For one thing, we used to take pictures this way all the time until the twins came into our lives and quickly became more interesting than ourselves. Also, it shows Kendra's new, shorter haircut that turned out very well. green eyes, green grass, green shirt.

Last but not least, here is Easton trying to EAT the water:

and Layla trying to DRINK the water.

To each his own... see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Easton & Layla!! Hope your 2nd year is as much fun as your first!!

Love, Dustin, Michaela & Landon