Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On the Rocks

The blog title does not refer to our marriage (whew!). Our relationship is stronger and healthier than ever including our honeymoon.

The blog title does not refer to our preference of drinks (other than lemonade mixed with iced tea).

The blog title refers to our discovery of what shoes are for. Exhibit A:

We went outside to watch the sunset this evening since it was 80 degrees and sunny today. Kendra put shoes on her just to try them out. Mommy isn't holding Layla's hands because baby needs balance... She's doing that so Layla doesn't bend down, grab a handful of rocks, and try to feverishly eat them (again) like Cookie Monster. She was walking all over our front yard with her inquisitive demeanor and very little help from us. Yes, that's our front "yard". We live in Arizona so our front yard is really just a pile of multi-colored rocks to "showcase the desert landscaping" a.k.a. "we avoid yard work".

Anyway, Easton was happy with no shoes on the driveway pushing around the dolly stroller. I'm not suggesting he completely avoided reaching for a handful of rocks, but he was content to sit in my lap and listen to the birds chirping or wander around on the pavement most of the time. He's getting very confident in his ability to walk while holding on to only one hand.

Seeing myself in this picture reminds me I need to go shopping for some new shirts! That Tommy Hilfiger shirt is about 10 years old. Holy cow. I've become my thrifty brother.

Marsha went with Kendra to the library for their weekly play time. Kendra looks forward to Tuesdays for their time together when schedules match up. Her and Mike have been such a blessing to us as neighbors and friends. Kendra and I were just talking tonight about how fun it would be to let Easton and Layla touch their pet Boa Constrictor. Seriously. it's a huge snake in their house! pictures to follow...

Hopefully you can see the messy details by clicking on the picture to see the larger version. Layla has banana smeared all over her arms and face. I believe she's thinking, "I could have had a V-8".

One other picture I happened to capture shows Layla with her thoughtful eyes as she peers over my crossed leg while I sit on the couch.

and one last one of Easton where he looks so much like my nephew silas (even though my sister doesn't see the resemblance at all).

That's about all the time I have for tonight because I still have some work to finish as well as finding some way to make progress on taxes. All this paperwork is almost enough to make me not want to invest. If I stuff my money under my mattress... all the paper work goes away! maybe i'll try that for 2009?

Only TWO more days until both of our parents arrive in town. We can't wait to have us all together again.

See you soon.

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