Saturday, November 1, 2008

neosporin and tylenol

Hey folks,

Greetings and welcome to November. I can't believe it's already November and we're closing in on the end of the year holidays. This year flown by faster than any other in my entire life. It's all been a blur and based on what other parents of twins tell us, we should expect the first TWO years of their life to be a blur.

Based on the title of the blog you may think the babies are sick and/or hurt, but let me reassure you all of the 4 Webbs are healthy and happy! The title comes from a profound moment of enlightenment a few days ago. Easton and Layla were placed in the middle of the living room with at least 10 store-bought toys scattered around. they rummaged through the inventory like a car load of old ladies at a garage sell and settled on these two items:

A tube of Neosporin for Easton and some liquid Tylenol for Layla. Boy, that was easy entertainment. Who needs expensive, hand-crafted wooden puzzles when you have a medicine cabinet? This wasn't an isolated incident, but they do also love their other toys. The wooden puzzle mentioned is a gift from my sister and they've had hours of fun banging and drooling on that one. I know, it's supposed to be a puzzle where they take the pieces out and place them back, but we're still working on that part. :)

Luckily this blog is about our wonderful, loveable twins instead of the ups and downs in marriage or else it would be much longer and less fun. Lest you believe the 4 Webbs are perfect, I can promise you that love abounds, but discussions sometimes become heated. Kendra calls it "enlightenment". I call it arguing! Either way, one of the many things I love about Kendra is she will always talk through problems with me no matter how we both feel at the moment. That's all I have to say about that. It helps sometimes for me to go back into the picture archive and remember I am supposed to treat her the same way I did when we were courting. Here's our engagement picture for my a trip down memory lane:

Where was I... Oh yeah, twins and toys. Layla also sees a dum-dum lollipop as a toy. Easton gummed a dum-dum so much that his drool turned the wax-paper wrapper into mush (yuk). Here's Kendra and GAM with the twins next to the big bowl 'o candy:

Last night we were hoping to dress the twins in cute Halloween costumes, but it was too hot outside during trick or treat time for the ones they had. We went over to Great Aunt Mary's house as we do every year for Halloween. We live on a dead end cul-de-sac where there are almost zero trick or treaters so we go across the street to her neighborhood where tons of kids shuffle by like herds of cattle.

The twins successfully moved their schedules up one hour to a 7 PM - 7 AM sleepy time. Arizona doesn't follow Daylight Saving Time so it wasn't in anticipation of the time change. We did it because that way I get another hour of fun in the evening before the babies go to bed and Kendra gets another hour of sleep every morning. We call that a Win-Win situation!

I'll close out the blog with two close up pictures of the babies showing you how Layla stays awake so as not to miss a single thing and Easton can sleep anywhere, anytime.

What an interesting set of twins we have...

Kendra's parents are coming to visit us in 3 weeks and we are already looking forward to having them here. I wish we had family visit every other week throughout the year because there is always a baby to hold and lots to do around town. I honestly would be fine with that schedule. It is finally great weather here in Phoenix so if you're planning to be in town, please let us know! We love company and hosting. :)

Good night and happy weekend!

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