Friday, November 28, 2008

Guh and Tuh

Greetings friends and family,

Kendra and I are both amazed how fast this year has gone by and it's hard to believe the end of the year is just around the corner. My coworker correctly described exactly how raising babies impacts your reference of time: The days crawl by and the years fly by. That is completely true.

Oma and Opa headed back to Sacramento on Saturday morning and their visit was way to short in my opinion. The 6-week stay during last summer was about the right amount of time. :) Now we will spend a week alone as the 4 Webbs gear up for the holiday trip to Sacramento.

Thanksgiving was fun and exhausting at the same time. The 4 Webbs + Oma and Opa hosted the day-long event at my Aunt Mary's house. Her place is hugely comfortable to host such a party. The big back yard and huge green belt behind her house gave us plenty of pre-turkey exercise to work up an appetite for dinner. Just to show you there really IS grass in Arizona, here's a distant view of Casey and David throwing frisbee discs and kids running around wild.

Dinner worked out perfect and the bird was cooked just right. Easton and Layla ate a blended up mash of turkey, potatoes and probably some veggies. Kendra is feeding them on the floor because Daddy forgot to bring the bumbos (oops)!

The rest of us at the "grown up" table shared plenty of laughs and recipes and stories. After a full day of spending time together and the competitive game of Scrabble, the day seems to have been successful on many levels.

Easton and Layla are both still pushing those top two teeth down. Their attitudes are surprisingly happy considering the pain they must feel. I was able to capture Easton with a big, open-mouth smile to show you the progress of those teeth:

We spent our last evening with Oma and Opa out on the town. We went out for Chinese food and then some late-night shopping. The night was finally chilly enough to break out jackets for the twins. The hoods have a little bear face and ears on them.

We're starting to notice patterns in the noises Easton and Layla are forming. Layla uses a forceful voice and loudly proclaims, "Guh, guh, guh" whenever she is excited about seeing something such as a big water fountain or a friendly dog. Easton on the other hand says, "Tuh, tuh, tuh" repeatedly in his soft and calm voice when he sees something interesting. The twins are still watching the "Your Baby Can Read" videos every day, but after two weeks we haven't seen anything spectacular yet. Hopefully after two more weeks we'll start to see them express more of what they are comprehending.

Oma says the twins are even cuter and more fun in person than what I show here on the blog or through Skype. I agree. :) Opa generated lots of smiles and even comforting sighs from Easton as they watched college football together.

It's time to go do some holiday shopping and get the twins fed since it sounds like they are finished napping. Have a super weekend!


Dustin said...

Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving! Cute looks like Easton is getting more then just the top front teeth in. The two on the sides of the top front don't look too far behind!

Where did you guys buy the apple butter? Dustin and I have been looking for it and can't find it. Speciality store like Whole Foods maybe?


The Four Webbs said...

Hey Michaela,

I think you're right about Easton having more teeth on the way. We're just not sure how quickly other teeth normally come in after the front ones... As for the apple butter, we bought it at AJ's fine foods, which is the upscale local grocer. We usually shot at the low-priced store, but didn't think to look there so i'm not sure where you might find it. The twins love apple butter on toast!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bronson, Kendra, Easton & Layla~
We just heard the news that you are coming soon!! We are looking forward to meeting the twins and having them come play with Abby & Rowan. Let us know if you need anything - do you want to borrow the packnplay again?