Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's your favorite picture?

Howdy folks,

All of this voting lately really gets me into the spirit of things so I put together my OWN idea. Please vote for your favorite picture from the 4 Webb's blog! I've taken about 2100 pictures since the twins were born 9 months ago and I'd like to hear from YOU which one is the best. Here's how to do it:

1. Search through our blog and find the picture you like best.
2. Note the date of the post that contains your favorite picture (for example: Wednesday, October 29).
3. At the bottom of THIS post, click on the word "comments"
4. In the text box, enter the following information:

- your name so I know who is commenting
- date of the post that contains your favorite picture
- describe the picture so i know which one you're referring to
- describe why you like that picture the most

Then select the "Anonymous" radio button
Then click the button that says, "Publish your comment".

Your comment should look something like:
"Great Aunt Mary's favorite picture is from Wednesday, October 29 - the one with Nana and Layla and the flowers". then feel free to add why you like it. :)

On to the normal, daily updates and adventures! I went for a two hour bike ride up the side of a mountain this afternoon so I'm rejuvenated. Or should I say, was rejuvenated... I put in a few more hours of corporate work, then went for a long walk with the twins around the neighborhood while Kendra fixed their dinner. After that was more playing on the floor with Easton and Layla and saying, "bye bye" to mommy who is playing in a soccer tournament tonight. Then we played some more, changed into pajamas, read a few books, and I finally put them to bed at 7:00. Whew! That's a busy day and I'm ready for bed at 7:01.

Anyway, most people think of a soccer mom as a mother who drives a minivan around to various sporting events for their kids to participate. Kendra is a REAL soccer mom in that she plays soccer and is a mom. She's starting the twins early with soccer training:

I'm trying to get Easton into something a little less hazardous with lower odds of an injury. Pool? He and I rolled a few balls back and forth. He's has a surprisingly strong grip and was able to pick up the pool balls and hold them well.

Easton thought the felt of the pool table was interesting and his drooling on it put a quick end to the pool table fun. I just wanted to give him something new to play with and a new perspective of the room by sitting up higher.

Kendra says she spends her days now following the twins around the house as the pull up on and put their hands on every thing between the floor and 2 feet high. Our patio glass door may never see a clean day again as long as these two are on the job:

I know it looks like Easton's face is smashed into Layla's diaper, but it's only an optical illusion. He's over to the side and looking thoughtfully into the back yard.

The mornings are starting to get a little chilly so the twins stay in their sleep sacks for the first few hours after waking up. It's very common to find the twins side-by-side with Layla sitting up and Easton lying commando style. I thought they would be wondering off in different directions, but usually they stay very close together.

Thanks for stopping by to see the 4 Webbs and remember to vote for your favorite picture by commenting!


Anonymous said...

LOL. Good luck w/ the windows ... Preston stopped washing ours because between Audrey and the dog, they are just impossible to keep clean! Look forward to seeing the twins tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Kendra Webb-

Feb 11 08
I like the picture of Easton the Pirate...he is so cute! I will be using this picture to show all of his friends when he graduates!

Anonymous said...


The picture I like the most is from Tuesday September 2nd. It is the picture of Layla crawling over Easton with Kendra sitting in the background. This is my screen saver at work and I smile every time i see it. This picture is the perfect representation to me of their personalities at work

Anonymous said...

Bronson and Kendra!
The picture I like the best is the one taken on my birthday sitting in front of the Mexican restaurant. It shows dad and I and the other 4 Webbs! There were too many great pics for me to really chose just one but the one of me, Layla and the roses is also a favorite.
Love ya gobs,

Anonymous said...

I like the picture on Sept 23 of Layla and Bronson together. In my history, there are only a few pictures of me and my dad together... I know Layla will grow up someday and love this one! Don't stop taking these special ones...and get one of Kendra and Easton together, too. Boys just love their mommies.