Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Daddy's blog

Howdy folks,

I'm a DUDE and I proudly BLOG about my twins! In case you're not familiar with the 4 Webbs, I just wanted to clarify this is Daddy's blog.

I've been religiously following many other blogs about babies and twins. I never noticed until today I'm the only dedicated guy in cyberspace who has one focused on the fun adventures of twin babies. All others are written and maintained by loving mothers. The only exception is Kendra's cousin, Dustin. He and his wife take turns blogging and I'm a little jealous of their tag-team abilities. Kendra is just not a writer and I'm OK with that. This is my "thing" and I've loved doing it at least every other day for the past 9 months. Feel free to comment and provide links to any other cool "father of twins" blog. I'd enjoy reading other similar blogs if they exist!

Here's to me, Mr. Dude baby blogger. I had to go all the way back to September to find a decent picture of me. :)

About those baby shoes... Ah, the life of a Phoenician (that means people who live in Phoenix)! Easton and Layla are 9 months old and have never worn shoes, until tonight. Not because we are hill billy red necks (although there is nothing wrong with that), but because Phoenix has been so warm all of their mobile lives shoes are not needed. Our "spring" babies were inside for the first few months and never left home. Then summer rolled around and shoes don't mix well with 110 degree temperatures. Now it is finally fall so we decided to put shoes on the twins for our adventurous night out. Easton looks even less like a baby and more like a little man with shoes on.

The 4 webbs decided to rollerblade to the store for some necessities. Teakwoods, our favorite place for wings, is in the same parking lot as the store so we went to grab dinner while we were out. We loaded up the babies in the Chariot (with their shoes on) and were able to sit in the outdoor patio area for dinner. Afterwards it was already dark by the time we were on our way home. I caught an action photo of Kendra pushing our cute babies along the neighborhood streets.

I'm not exactly sure how to describe the next sensitive topic so I'll leave this section as obscure as possible. Easton and Layla are always in diapers except when they bathe. So now we have two babies in one bath tub every night. One boy and one girl. Yesterday they "noticed" Easton has something Layla doesn't. Now, if you've been paying attention to how Layla reacts when Easton has a toy you know that she reaches for and takes away whatever toy Easton has so she can play with. Well... Let's just say the events following this next picture left Easton crying and Layla empty handed.

That's all I have to say about that.

Anyways, the twins are starting to do there best to hold themselves up against various objects around the house. Easton cries when we stand him up even though he is completely stable and standing with his hands on whatever is close by. Layla is doing the "baby shuffle" where she stands up against the couch and shuffles her hands and feet in a sideways walking motion. Kendra stood Easton up beside a box of diapers and caught his short-lived smile before he realized, "Hey! I'm standing up!"

That's all the excitement I can remember over the past few days so I'll stop here for now and head to bed. Have a great Thursday and I'll blog again on Thursday or Friday!

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Dustin said...

Hey Bronson,

That was a great post! The part about the bath tub had me seriously cracking up! I'm glad to see that you take as much fun in blogging as I do. Hopefully down the road our kids can look back on them and get to see what we went through that first year. If not, at least we get an opportunity to be creative and share with family.

Keep up the good work!