Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday GG

Hello friends and family,

Another weekend flew by with lots of together time for the 4 Webbs. Unfortunately, Easton is hot blooded. We had to check it and see. He's got a fever of 103. Yes, I know that is a song from the 80's band Foreigner , and I've been waiting to use that line for years. The sad part is, Easton really doesn't feel good. Here's a picture of mommy providing sympathy via pouty lips.

He's even more mellow than normal, but still has a happy heart. The nurse said we should take him to the pediatrician on Monday so we'll take him in to see what the Doc has to say. Luckily Layla, who also had a fever, recovered at the same time Easton was starting to feel a little under the weather. Such is life with twins.

Tomorrow is Kendra's Grandma's birthday! She will be 82 years old and we were able to see her through Skype for a Happy Birthday wish. We call her "GG", which stands for Great Grandmother. Here are the twins wishing GG a Happy Birthday!

They both have their middle finger in their smiling mouths and as you can imagine there's no way I could have even planned that cuteness. We sure went through a lot of film. OK, not literal film, but we took lots of pictures to get one like this.

As for the Cheerios story, Kendra and I were working together to feed the twins and the menu of the day included waffles, apple butter, and Cheerios. For some reason Layla continually picks up the biggest hand full of food possible and squishes it between her fingers if it is at all squishable. When she pulverized the waffles and apple butter it made a big gooey mess and then the Cheerios stuck all over her hands and arms. When I took this picture she had her arm sticking out like an arm wrestler and the timing of the picture makes it look like she has a scowl.

So I put my arm up there and we wrestled for Cheerios... She won.

Have a good evening! See you again soon

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