Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 out of 4 Webbs

Howdy folks,

3 out of 4 Webbs are not feeling well and since I'm well enough to blog, you can guess who the 3 are. I considered taking pictures over the past couple of days because blogs with pictures are much more interesting. Unfortunately, Easton and Layla possibly have roseola and are not in the photography mood. More importantly, Kendra is completely worn out from the last few days of doing her best to keep the twins from crying. The good news is at least we know what the twins are dealing with and we're watching the cycle the virus commonly follows: fever 3-4 days, rash 2-3 days, then return to health. Layla has the rash and is over the fever. We're hoping Easton will get through the fever in the next day or two.

The only picture I was able to take is one of Layla standing against a stool. She is constantly standing up on her own, then holding on with one hand, then letting go for a few seconds. Sometimes she puts her hand back on whatever she was holding herself against and sometimes she sits on her duff. At least she has that part figured out!

It kind of looks like she's doing a cartwheel, but I don't think she has the balance for that quite yet... We're working on it.

I know it's not too interesting or exciting, but such is life sometimes. If there were anything video or picture worthy, you know I would be excited to share with you. However, in times like these we are glad to have survived the day and pray for a quiet, peaceful sleep so we can be rejuvenated for tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday to you and I'm expecting the 4 Webbs to be back in action with fun adventures within the next couple of days. Kendra's parents will be here on Saturday so we're crossing our fingers everyone is well by the time they roll into town.

Good night!

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