Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Mirror, Big Fun

Hi everyone,

At this very moment Kendra's parents are driving across the CA-AZ state line and will be here to hang with the 4 Webbs in only a few short hours. This past week of house arrest for the babies and Kendra was very trying and tiring. She missed out on Marsha coming over, church, mommy and me, and a few other outings. I'm not sure if you've ever been stuck in a house with 2 sick babies for a week, but if so then you know how Kendra feels. The only saving grace was the "light at the end of the tunnel", which or her was the impending visit from Oma and Opa today. They'll be here for a week and we can't wait to spend time together.

Our latest form of entertainment for Easton and Layla is the full-length mirror in our master bathroom. We sit them on the floor facing the mirror and they intently try to figure out, "who is that baby in the mirror?" Here is Layla giving herself a Hi-5:

and Easton is looking inquisitively at himself and mumbling baby babble:

They both have a blast talking to themselves and seeing their reflection. Once again, the camera man gets hosed, but without the flash we just look like a big blur.

Keeping twins entertained is truly a two person job and I am amazed how well Kendra does it all by herself while i'm at work every day during the week.

Last night we packed up the 4 Webbs and trucked up to Fountain Hills (the Beverly Hills of Phoenix) to spend an evening with Kendra's mentor, Judi, and several couples. As a part of Kendra's plan for how to get the babies to sleep her and Judi gave the babies a bath at their house. You can see Judi in the shadows of the background smiling as the twins splashed around.

After that we placed them in the Pack-N-Plays (Thanks, Sarah for letting us borrow one!) and they went right to sleep without a single peep.

I noticed the video of Easton and Layla turning the pages of the book as I read was pretty dark, so here's a picture of them attentively following along in case you missed it:

We brought in a big, translucent plastic tub and they both immediately climbed their way up to the standing position. Easton's toothy grin and hiccup-sounding giggle is about the purest form of innocence and enjoyment that I've ever seen.

and if that weren't enough to melt your heart and make you want to go hug someone, how about this sweet action shot of our little Peanut crawling like a tiger with her whole face displaying her happiness like a billboard:

I'm considering throwing my camera away because I don't think it'll ever get any better than that for cuteness or photo opportunities. I'm just kidding... I love taking pictures of them too much for that. I will, however, take a trip to Best Buy so one of those camera geeks can show me how to get the red-eye reduction capability of the flash to work. :)

Time to go do some last-minute cleanup around the house and play daddy's least favorite game called, "who pooped"? When I walk in the room and smell something foul, I instinctively ask Kendra, "who pooped?" as if she's going to know the answer to that without doing a more investigative, close-up smell test to find the offender...

Bye bye!

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