Saturday, November 15, 2008

Costco rocks

Greetings from the 4 Webbs,

You have less than 6 weeks left to shop for Christmas, in case you didn't realize how incredibly close we are getting to the end of the year. The holidays this year have snuck up on me more than any previous year of my life. I'm sure it is easy to understand why considering the twins have literally taken all our resources for the whole year. Even after taking into consideration all the time, effort, insomnia, money, love, and every other aspect of raising twins (or any kid for that matter) I can tell you without hesitation... It's worth it. This one moment of holding my sweet baby Layla as she smiles and eeks out a happy squeal made the entire year worth it.

She is running a fever as well as Easton, but they are both doing very well and have a great attitude about our daily routine. We found both babies have a shorter fuse than normal, but overall we are very lucky they continue to be manageable even with the fever.

Speaking of daily routine... We love Costco. Not for the pillow case sized bags of doritos, but for the shopping carts!

You may have never noticed before, but Costco shopping carts have FOUR leg holes in the front to accommodate two babies. Simply perfect. Why can't every business adopt this philosophy? These two-seater shopping carts make it easy for Kendra to go out by herself with the twins and sometimes she goes just for fun with no intention of buying anything. I'm not aloud to shop without specific instructions else I arrive home with copious amounts of unneeded items.

Anyway, Easton and Layla are like celebrities in Costco and Kendra is continually stopped by random people who want to talk about and compliment the twins. I go for a hotdog and when I return she has about 5 women and an older gentleman all standing around smiling and soaking in the happiness radiating from the twins.

This morning Easton and Layla were playing with their diaper boxes (still) and talking to each other very loudly. It looked like this:

and sounded like this: "Aye yah yah yah yah!" in stereo at maximum volume. The big news for this week is Easton finally stood on his own! He pulled himself up to the couch and reached onto the seat cushion for a toy. Kendra and I clapped and cheered him on as if he just scored a touchdown in a high school football game.

I didn't catch that moment in a photo, but I did catch Easton stealing Layla's pacifier right out of her mouth and from the look on his face I'd say he is proud to have stolen it.

I've used up all my free time tonight since Kendra will be home soon from her trip to the store. I'll save Layla's "Cheerio Arm Wrestler" picture for tomorrow's blog post. I had no idea apple butter was so sticky...

Good night and we'll see you again soon for another installment of our adventures with twins.

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