Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oma and Opa Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Welcome to the turkey day edition of the 4 Webbs's blog. I am now officially off work through the weekend and it's time to have some fun family time. The rain and cloudy weather here today makes the mood a little more mellow than usual, but us native Phoenicians get excited about it because clouds and rain are so infrequent. Yesterday Kendra's dad and I had a great time golfing so I'm glad we snuck that in before the rain today. Maybe we'll get in another round on Friday... If he isn't already so embarrassed by my horrible swing that he can't bare to be seen on a public course with me. :)

Here's the crazy new toy the babies are climbing on and fiddling with endlessly:

They get a thrill from standing up against it and playing with the hanging toys and Layla also seems to like grabbing two of the plastic balls and banging them together.

If only it were this simple to get a baby delivered to us this way:

That kind of special delivery would be amazing especially if it could be similar to ordering pizza. "Yeah, uhhhh... I'll have a two pack of babies delivered to our house, please?" Layla thought it was entertaining to play "king of the diaper box" and do her best to keep Easton from standing up next to her using the box to prop himself up.

We all experienced a once (or maybe twice) in a lifetime event: double complete rainbows! The setting sun poked through the clouds after a long day of rain and brought us not one, but TWO full rainbows that stretched from horizon to horizon. The twins woke up just in time to come out and catch it as the top half faded away.

The inside, brighter rainbow is in the sky directly between the babies and the second is barely visible above Oma's head and the bushy tree. The brilliance of the colors aren't even close to the fullness we saw in person, but it's still cool, huh? The neighbors all came out with their kids to see the big event and were talking on their cell phones to tell others around the area to "go outside and look!" I guess this is the AZ version of a tornado... only much less destructive.

There is one other funny picture of uncle Casey holding little peanut. He's got the same hair cut as Layla, except for the massive beard. :)

Casey seems to be having a good time interacting with the twins and seeing what life is like around babies. I'm pumping Motown and funk music into the living room from the computer as we prepare food for tomorrows big feast. We're going to Party, Karamu, Fiesta, forever. Yea!

Eat some turkey and enjoy your day off.

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