Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cactus schmactus

Hey baby lovers,

Thanks for visiting our blog and peeking into what life with twin babies is like. My mom and dad left yesterday morning and flew back to Missouri without incident. I spent the day at work, then Kendra's uncle Jeff came by for an evening of dinner and conversation. He is in town for business and sacrificed one of his evenings here to hang out with us!

I know this will make Oma and Opa very jealous, but I have to post this picture of Easton and Layla completely captivated by Jeff. He's a big, tall guy so they were just staring at him for the first few minutes. Surprisingly, Easton warmed up to him very quickly and was happily holding himself up against Jeff's chest. Easton was intrigued by Jeff's infamous Donald Duck noises.

Dustin correctly pointed out in a comment on my last post that cacti is the plural form of cactus. The short answer is, he's right, I knew the definitions, but it was almost midnight and my brain was obviously on autopilot with no one at the wheel. :) The beauty of blogging is I could go back and edit that post. However, mistakes happen in real life and this is all as real as I can get, so we'll leave it as is!

OK, back to the past week with Nana and Papa as I piece together some more highlights... Kendra did a great job of making Nana's birthday a special day. One of the thoughtful ideas she had was to give Nana flowers so Kendra had them out on the counter in the morning when she woke up. Some time later while she was holding Layla I saw the opportunity to get the two of them with the flowers in a picture.

There were many opportunities for my parents to get hands-on time with the twins and Nana was more than happy to take care of snack time. The twins move their arms and legs all over the place between bites and sound like a nest full of little baby birds waiting for the mama bird to get around to each one.

On Sunday night we packed up the Honda Pilot along with all the required baby gear and went to visit Great Aunt Mary (GAM). Since my parents won't be here for Christmas we decided to have Christmas in October! Layla crawled straight over to the presents and did her best to drool and chew on every last one of them.

One of the gifts Mary gave to Easton and Layla was a set of twin dolls! Seeing our twins play with twins was really humorous. They didn't know exactly what to do with them. The dolls are technologically advanced... They say funny things and know when the other twin is close by, being fed, or being played with, etc. When you put the spoon up to the doll's mouth, it makes a similar noise Easton makes, "hawmina, hawmina".

After dinner and play time and opening presents we all went to watch Kendra play soccer. Here she is with a few of her team mates who all think our babies are the cutest in the world.

She's a soccer queen and loves being out there getting roughed up by the boys and girls on the other team. Nana and Papa did their best to keep the twins awake because it was well past their normal bed time...

She's really making the most of soccer this year and using it as an escape from the craziness of our household. I'm as supportive of her hobbies as she is of mine and it seems to be working out well for us to have breaks from everything. I'll close this post with a rare picture where Layla is smiling SUPER big and Easton is semi-serious. Usually the roles are reversed, but while we were strolling along at the botanical gardens the opportunity jumped out at me.

So there you have it, a mixed-up jumble of moments from our week with Nana and Papa... We miss them already. :(

Have a great evening and best of luck with gathering mounds of candy on Friday.

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