Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Partners In Slime

Hello again friends and family,

This'll be another happy edition of adventures with the 4 Webbs. Everything will be happy except {queue the jaws theme} the story of the "Snot Sucker" {queue frightful scream}.

Easton and Layla are fairly isolated from sickness and other kids because Kendra stays at home with them all day and we are overly protective of them when we are out on the town. The twins have only been sick once in 9 months and that was just a short, light case of the sniffles. This round of sickness is a whole new animal. They are still happy and playful with just a slight hint of lethargic attitude. BUT, the biggest problem is the snot! I can handle the babies drooling on my arm or shirt... I've "evolved" now into the daddy role and have reached a new level of enlightenment. However, I had to look away to avoid gagging several times today while Kendra wiped, sucked, and clean up snot. They are as bad as Slimer from Ghostbusters only it isn't as cool to have EctoPlasm sneezed all over your shirt like what happens in the movie. That's where I came up with my new nickname for them, "partners in slime".

Anyway, the real hard part of this is watching Easton and Layla have the Ectoplasm sucked out of their nose with the blue thing we call the "snot sucker". The twins always cry their way through this process and that's hard for us to see. Mommy gently sucks the bogies from their nose and daddy looks up at the ceiling fan trying not to puke. I was able to look long enough to take a picture of Layla surviving the treatment and my heart breaks just seeing it:

OK, now on the normal happiness and sunshine the twins bring to our lives. They haven't figured out the walkers yet, but their little feet are starting to move in the right direction so we are proud of their progress.

During dinner tonight I was able to capture some ultra-closeups of Easton and Layla's eyes and face, which I've been trying to get for a few weeks now. We've been reading a book called, "where is baby's belly button?" and the twins LOVE it. One of the pages fits with Layla's picture and it goes like this: "Where is babies mouth? Behind the cup!"

She has the prettiest green eyes of any baby in the history of the world. And I caught Easton with some freshly puréed butternut squash on his face. Ignore that though and look at his cute face and eyelashes that are so long they look fake.

Kendra moves the play time into our front room periodically because it has carpet and that makes for a softer landing as Layla is pulling herself up onto everything with a handle and then falling back to the ground. This next picture appears to show how Layla is ordering Easton's next moves with a blue marker that acts as a director's baton.

You can also see Kendra on the floor in the background because she is worn out from the day to day routine and keeping the 4 Webbs house running like a well-oiled machine. Tomorrow afternoon we will pick up Nana and Papa from the airport for a week-long stay! We've been looking forward to this for months now and can't wait to spend time hanging out with them in our house and around town.

I'm not sure if i'll have more time or less time to blog with them being here, but i'll do my best to post the plethora of pictures that is sure to come from our time together.

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Ginger Barrett's mom and as it so happens, I'm flying out today with your Mom & Dad to visit Ginger. Maybe I can catch a glimpse of the stars of the 4webbs blog.

Dustin said...

Bronson - I feel your pain on the snot. I've changed diapers and never really have a weak stomach, but the snot makes me gag each and every time. It just gets to me. Since Landon has had one cold after another (we're on 2 straight weeks w/o one and feel lucky!) we've become pros at the "snot suckers". We've found that Landon will actually sit still when we use this one. Yes, it's battery operated, but it works wonders and Landon doesn't hate it like he hated the blue bulb kind. Might be worth a shot! Plus, it plays a little melody if you need the distraction. Hope it helps!