Friday, October 10, 2008

Lunch Party!

(Kendra's blog post)

Good Morning Everyone,

Friday was a wonderful day! The Twins and I had our normal morning, full of playing and laughing. Easton and Layla roamed all over as usual and found there way to the toy box. Layla was pulling herself up and Easton was reaping the fruits of her labor. She would pull a toy out and he would grab it and happily play with whatever came out.

After their morning nap we had lunch plans with my friends from ERAC (Enterprise Rent a Car). I had so much fun seeing everyone. There was about 20 people who showed up and we all sat together. The twins had a blast staring at everyone whom I worked with, smiling and laughing.

Easton and Layla and me sat at the end of the table near Esther and Rob. Layla was in love with Esther, and I cannot blame her. Layla would half talk/half yell to Esther and Esther would respond,with Oh, really, okay! Here is a clip of them having a conversation.

Since I was only on one side of the table, I took Layla with me and went to visit with my old boss, Frank (Go Frank!), and my coworkers Troy and Todd. I gave Layla to Todd and he held her like a champ. Todd you did great, she liked you!

Well that's enough about work. Hope you all have a great Saturday! My parents are in LA about the watch the USC football game, thanks to Scott and Marisue! GO USC!

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