Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ma!


Ma (Nana) and Pa (Papa) arrived safely yesterday and the 4 Webbs wrung out whatever energy they had left after the flight by chasing around Easton and Layla, bath time, and feedings. The twins were tiny bundles of joy, only 2 months old, last time she saw them so there was a lot of getting reacquainted going on. Layla has an intense desire to pull herself up on the wicker toy bin and find toys to play with.

The twins woke up bright and early at 5:45 AM. Needless to say, the rest of us woke up along with them. Do I need to point out that we had a nap time today or is that an obvious result of the early wake up? Anyway, we did a little shopping and Papa had almost as much fun pushing Easton and Layla around as they did. He had them giggling down the aisles as Nana and Kendra shopped.

The stroller you see there is what we take out for short trips in public, but the twins are growing out of it fast. The much prefer the Chariot and facing forward, side by side, but that thing is just too big to lug around town.

As the twins were playing together, Easton sliced himself with a sharp finger nail and left a big gash in his cheek. It looks much worse than it is, but I feel so bad for him because that must have hurt. Consequently, Kendra clipped his nails shortly after that and I've been gooping Neosporin on his booboo continually so he doesn't look like Inigo Montoya from "The Princess Bride" . It was the 6 fingered man...

Some of you won't get that last pop culture reference... Go watch The Princess Bride! We hung out this afternoon and then went out to dinner for Nana's birthday! Her brother called supposedly to wish her a happy birthday as he always does each year, but this year after Nana said, "hello" he said, "how does it feel to be an old buzzard?" Only he could get away with that kind of a humorous jab, but she got a good laugh from it. She was glad to hear from him and all her other friends and relatives who called to wish her a happy birthday. Anyway, it's been 12 years since I spent the day with my Ma on her birthday and I was glad Kendra helped make it a special day-long event by planning things. We went to Abuelo's for Mexican food and ended up with some good pictures. We found out very quickly Layla still doesn't have a volume control knob anywhere. She was talking up a storm with all of us at 100% volume so Nana held her as we all passed her around the table to keep her happy and quiet.

With the last rays of sunshine we sat out front and captured a picture of all of us.

I'm sure just being with us and their grand babies, Easton and Layla, made the day very special for Ma. I took one last birthday picture as we loaded up the Pilot to head home. It was 5:52 PM and Easton made it very clear we had exactly 8 minutes to get him home, changed into pajamas and fed.

Today turned out as good as I'd hoped. Being able to hug Ma and look in her eyes while saying, "Happy Birthday!" was very special. We have many more adventures planned for the next few days so stay tuned for updates and stories of the fun we're having. :)

See you soon!

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