Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh, to be a baby

Welcome back to the work week!

Another weekend is in the books for the 4 Webbs and we made the most of our time together. Being around Easton and Layla and Kendra is the highlight of every day for me. In many ways I'm jealous of our babies. They are completely innocent even though they are mischievous. They are aware of their surrounding, but not affected by them. Today was a hard day at work for me and apparently long and tiring for Kendra. The stock market is going down like the Hindenburg and global economies are slowing. BUT, when I get home for that hour before their bedtime, none of that matters.

The simplicity of life for them is so refreshing and I'm jolted back to reality on a daily basis back to what matters. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a day of ignorance! I'd love to find utter delight from 5 raisins on a plate or big belly laughs from a round of peek-a-boo with Kendra or the silliness of a finger puppet. I've discovered the joy of parenthood isn't from watching them grow up. The joy is from watching them live in each moment with no pretense, no prejudice, and no expectation. Kendra frequently says how much she wishes this time in their lives would last longer and go by slower.

Normally a 33 year old man can't get away with lying on the floor playing with a plastic egg, but if you add a baby in the mix... Viola! I can be as goofy and kid-like as I want.

He kinda looks like me, huh... The only thing cuter than a baby in a bathtub is TWO babies in a bathtub. Lately Easton is the constant splasher and Layla is more interested in studying the rubber bath toys.

Here are pictures of the twins individually for those of you who aren't able see the video. Easton can't get enough of the water. He'd probably stay there way past the point of pruney fingers if we let him...

and Layla has those big, intense eyes squarely focused on mommy as she chews on the killer whale bath toy.

Layla continues to reach milestones first and here is the typical commando crawler, Easton and upright Layla. Easton finally pulled himself up onto his hands and knees today, which is a big step in the right direction (no pun intended) for him to progress through the stages to the eventual end goal of walking. Commando crawling only qualifies him for one job in life: The US Army! That reminds me... Back when my brother and I used to play with little, green, plastic army troops I always wanted the commando crawling ones because they were much harder to turn them over on the battle field of the kitchen floor.

Anyway, back to the twins... The two of them are having frequent, loud conversations with each other and the two of us are completely entertained when the twins get going. Their vocabulary has grown from just "Da Da Da" to many indescribable sounds and shrieks. Especially when we play "get your sister" with them. Kendra swings Easton back and forth slowly and the closer the twins' faces get to one another, the more wildly they babble and shriek. Exhibit A:

Only 10 more days until my Ma and Pa arrive! The twins were only a few days old the last time Pa saw them and only 3 months old the last time Ma saw them. Since they change daily (from our point of view) it will be interesting to hear their impressions as they get to know Easton and Layla as 9-month old babies. We're really excited to have them here with the 4 Webbs so we can squeeze in as much family time as possible.

I'm getting a cold or some sickness so there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that i'll probably miss work, be a burden for Kendra, and feel like a bowl of Jello dropped on the floor... The good news is I'll have more time to post to the blog more regularly than the past week. :)

Have a great week and check back again soon for a video of Easton's latest trick.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bronson and Kendra!
Seeing the pics and video always bring a smile to my face. I trust your cold is better by now, Bronson. The twins look so happy and yes, it's time for you both to be able to act silly with the babies-what fun and release of pleasant endorphins when we laugh!
Love ya gobs,