Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bumper cars

Hey friends and family,

Thanks for stopping by to see what's up with the 4 Webbs! I thought it would be fun to do a little Q and A based on some questions we get from time to time.

Q: Are you planning to have more children?
A: Until chickens have three legs and carnival rides have room for three seats across... No. With three kids and two legs on a chicken, someone gets stuck with wings. We are completely content with 2 babies. We discussed this matter one month after we met and agreed then we both want 2 kids. Kendra and I came from families with three kids and neither of us want to force our child to sleep in the back window of the car on long trips or on a cot in the hotel room.

Q: Are your twins fraternal?
A: Yes they are Dizygotic

Q: Are your twins identical?
A: No! You'd be surprised how many times per week we get this question in conjunction with teh previous one. It's impossible to have identical boy/girl twins.

Q: Do twins run in your family?
A: No, neither of us have twins in our lineage. We had a little scientific help through IVF . We tried IVF one time, had two embryos implanted, and came out with two babies. We were extremely fortunate and blessed to have such great success. 1 minute prior to implanting the embryos we changed our mind and decided to only put in 2 instead of three! It's highly likely Kendra would have given birth to THREE babies and we would be called the 5 Webbs instead.

Q: Which baby is bigger?
A: Easton has always been 1 pound heavier than Layla even from the time they were born.

If you have other questions, please post a comment and we would be happy to answer anything you want to know! After 9 months of posting to this blog every other day, you can tell I am very open about our lives.

We decided today that we need to get walkers for the twins because Layla and Easton are starting to pull themselves up on everything in site it's obvious they want to explore. Also, Kendra is getting worn out chasing the babies around and constantly pulling them back to the rug/sheet where they are supposed to play. Here's Layla in her cute pajamas hanging on to the TV stand:

She kept trying to bite the knobs on the door and drawers, but I'm not sure what was so appetizing about them... Anyway, we went to Babies 'R Us and bought the Baby Trend Walkers. We sat the twins in their walkers and guess what gear they were in? Reverse!

They both starting moving backwards and couldn't figure out how to go forward. Oh well, they'll figure it out. It'll be fun to watch them gain their independence and figure out how to play bumper cars with each other...

I shouldn't have taken my victory lap of health during the last blog. Yep, the last of the Mohicans is officially sick. I have the same symptoms as the babies except I don't drool everywhere. Check out the line of drool from Easton's chin!

Luckily Kendra is feeling much better so hopefully she'll stay healthy and take care of the rest of the 4 Webbs. Mommy is down for the count, but only during play time! Here are Layla and Easton the conquerors:

My sister's daughter Daphne calls her bracelet her "pretty". Joanie asks Daphne, "show them your pretty..." while we are seeing them over Skype and Daphne smiles really big and holds up her wrist to show us her "pretty". When Joanie was here visiting she gave Layla a bracelet so we've adopted the idea. Here is Easton and Layla where she is eating at the pizza place. You can see she's wearing her bracelet and I'm sure it'll be a while before she knows what it is and can show it off.

I better go rest up so I can work this week and help get the house ready for my Ma and Pa to arrive in town on Wednesday! See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bronson and Kendra!
Just a little correction about twins in your family history. Bronson, your great grandma was a twin but her sister died at a early age. Granny Reece is a true spiritual matriarch - faithful to God and to church and raised 6 kids out of 8 that were born.(2 died early-on)Those twins will figure out how to go forward in a short time. Can't wait to kiss and hug them!
Love ya gobs,