Sunday, October 5, 2008

34 weeks old

Greetings baby fans,

Easton and Layla are 34 weeks old (8.5 months) so that means they've spent almost as much time lying on top of Kendra's belly as they did inside it. Technically she made it to 37 and a half weeks being pregnant. I can't decide whether pregnancy seemed longer than the time since they were born. When Kendra was pregnant we spent every day wishing time would hurry up as we looked forward to the delivery with anticipation. Now we spend our time loving the moments with our twins and wishing the clock would slow down.

It's been a long, fun weekend for the 4 Webbs and I've taken about 40 pictures in the past few days. Most of them are duplicates because I have to shoot 3 or 4 shots of the same event or moment just to get one where everyone cooperates! Here are Easton and Layla after dinner and hanging out at aunt Mary's tonight:

We adopted and agreed on the new nickname for Mary as "GAM", which stands for Great Aunt Mary. As you can see, the babies were worn out after spending their last bit of energy scooting around her floors. We put their pajamas on over there and between GAM's house and ours (about 90 seconds of driving) they were completely asleep when we arrived home!

Layla is getting smarter and more curious by the day. After I walked over and put one of her toys away, she decided she wanted to play with it more. So she convinced Easton to crawl over to the toy crate with her and she pulled herself up and found the toy! Doesn't Easton look so much older? He has a very stout body and is more handsome all the time.

Kendra and I were at Costco buying mayo in a 5 gallon bucket and chocolate chips that came in a package the size of a charcoal bag. They have this small, round vacuum called a Roomba or something and it's a robot vacuum that runs around the floor picking up dirt with no human interaction. I thought, "why do we need one of those? We have an Easton!" Roomba, meet your match:

He crawls around commando style and covers almost every square in of our tile floor as he uses his shirt to clean up the dirty floor... and he doesn't require batteries...

I caught a good picture of Easton and Layla as they were playing with their new toys. Layla has her first flip phone. God help me if we still have to pay for cell phone usage by the minute when she starts talking on a real one!

and here is Easton showing how THRILLED he is to hear "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" for the 4,000th time. He's such a happy guy and content with the little things in life.

For example... An empty plastic bottle:

Or a Dryer Max Anti-Static Dryer Ball! Seriously. Hours of fun for our little guy.

Or here you can see him face down, gnawing on a package of baby wipes. OK, you get the idea...

For those of you who have not figured out yet that you can click on the pictures to see full sized versions of them, I'll post this close up of Layla with her big, green eyes and angelic face:

Layla is able to pull herself up on anything stable enough for her to hang on to. We put Easton in the Exersaucer and Layla crawled over, pulled herself up, and took the toy Easton was playing with out of his hands. Hmmm... Apparently we'll need to increase the lessons about sharing.

Kendra took the twins to the Mommy and Me class and all three of them loved it! Kendra had a chance to engage in adult conversation with women she can relate to directly. Easton played with a bunch of new toys and Layla made a new friend, Daniel. You can see the back of Layla's head:

Remember my Pastor and his wife who came over to our house for dinner and fellowship? Well, that's their grandson who is both enormous for his age and a really nice boy. Kendra has agreed to write her own post to the blog some time this coming week and she'll have more to say about the Mommy and Me and how great it was.

We went out last night for a "date night" and that was the first time in months where we were able to hang out with some of my close friends and couples we know. Kendra dressed up and looked great with her hair and nails done. We were out until around midnight and today we walked around like zombies because our bodies are used to a 10:00 PM (or earlier) bed time.

Whew! thank goodness I get to go back to work tomorrow and slow down! I could use a break from these crazy busy weekends with Kendra and twins. :) Honestly, I'll miss them very much and it's difficult to leave them knowing i'll be gone all day and only get to spend an hour at night between the time i get home and time they go to bed. I'm looking forward to my parent's arrival in two short weeks because they will be here and I get to take a few vacation days to hang out!

Have a shoooper week (inside joke with Oma)

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