Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nana and Papa's visit

Hello friends and family,

The 4 Webbs are packing in so much fun every day my parents (Nana and Papa) are here that I'll have to use a couple of posts to cover everything. Since there isn't much chance my memory will allow for a chronological order of events, you'll have to settle for however things pop into my head.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
I have no excuse for bringing such old school pop culture into my posts, so please excuse the obscure references. However, we all view the world through the culture of whatever time period we were raised, so there you go... Anyway, I call this picture "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots" and you can click the link if you care to find out what that's all about.

Layla isn't really wearing red, but she's clearly the "Red Rocker" and Easton is the "Blue Bomber". Nana and Kendra weren't really fighting with the babies so there's no need to call CPS on us. They were walking Easton and Layla towards each other by holding onto their tiny arms and letting them use their own leg power to take steps. By the time they were a few inches apart, both babies would be laughing hysterically.

Race Day
On Friday Papa and I had a full day of racing fun. We started off at Speedway indoor kart racing center where we strapped ourselves to Go Karts that race around a 1/4 mile indoor track at 40 mph. Here's Papa leaving the pit area for his 15 minutes of intense racing.

That was his first experience of kart racing at that speed and we both had a great time. Here's our "I survived kart racing" picture after our wild ride.

After a few hours at Speedway we went home to nap and recharge. Kendra and I were able to attend our church group get together since Nana and Papa were hanging out at home while the babies slept. We returned home and I spontaneously told my dad the two of us were going to go down to Firebird International Raceway where I expected to find their standard Friday night drag racing where normal guys like me bring their street legal cars and race against each other. What we found was an opportunity to experience some REAL drag racing and it turned out to be an awesome experience. Unbeknownst to me, the Nitro Funny Car finals were scheduled for Saturday, but Friday night is when all the cars tune up their cars with all-out runs down the drag strip. Papa had never witnessed the big boy dragsters and I was very happy we were so fortunate to see it up close and personal. unlike the official race day we were able to stand less than 30 feet away from these monsters as they jolted from the starting line and barreled down the track at 230+ mph. Here's a picture of the JET engine car we say run down the track at 285 mph.

It's a jet engine from an airplane strapped to 4 wheels and body! Seeing that thing take off and run down the track from that close was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Here's Papa and I sitting next to it after we chatted with the driver.

The quality of the pictures is lame because they are from my cell phone camera. I wasn't expecting to see anything this spectacular so I left our camera at home! Hate it when I do that...

Hawmina Hawmina
Anyway, back to the babies! Every time I feed Easton I make the mmmm noises like the old Campbell soup commercials and say "More?" while making the sign language motion for "more". Easton has adopted that and now we call him "Hawmina Hawmina" sometimes because he makes these loud noises when he is ready for more food and then the "mmmmmm" noises as he is eating. Check it out:

Nana has helped out so much with the day to day mundane parts of raising twins. I know she is having fun though so I don't feel bad asking her to jump in with bath time, feeding time, even diaper changing time. Here she is feeding strawberry yogurt to them as a midday snack.

Here's Papa with the twins as they are dressed for bed in their cute sleep sacks, but not yet ready to go to sleep. Easton was fading fast, but Layla stayed wound up for another 30 minutes as usual. I call this picture the James Brown pose because: Papa's got a brand new bag... or two... of babies.

Papa so far has been an equal opportunity grandpa and I can't quite figure which baby he identifies with the most. Both of the babies stop what they are doing and stare at Papa when he talks or makes funny noises. You can see here how intently Layla listens to Papa tell her how sweet she is.

Phil Wickham
Kendra surprised me a couple of weeks ago with tickets to go see Phil Wickham in concert as he toured through Phoenix! A few months ago I blogged about how much I like his music and we listen to him all the time around our house. We had an incredible time and we appreciate Nana and Papa for letting us have an evening out by ourselves. After the babies went to sleep we showed up in time to get great seats in the 4th row of the sold out show. Here we are with our VIP passes with Phil Wickham ready to perform. He put on an amazing performance!

I'm taking vacation days Monday and Tuesday so we have a couple of more days to spend time with Nana and Papa before they head home. i can't believe it's going by so fast, but we're making the most of every day so I have no regrets. I'll do my best to blog again tomorrow and get caught up on our adventures over the past couple of days.

Hope you had a great weekend. See you again soon!

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