Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Way Back Whensday

Greetings friends and family,

Two year ago today everyone was sleeping. GG and Oma cuddle as the twins were wrapped tightly in their blankets. My advice to new parents is to soak these moments up like a sponge and realize the simple pleasure of holding your baby (or babies).

Kendra would hold Easton and Layla at the same time with one in each arm.

Easton slept through all the noise and pictures of a photo shoot

Layla and Easton rested comfortably as Mommy rested on the couch.

I had no idea the way of life during the first 6 months would come and go like the mist of a spray bottle. When I look back through the pictures it is a stark contrast compared to today when there are no opportunities to have Easton or Layla sleep or rest in my arms.

I know several parents who allow kids to sneak into bed with them or sometimes the parents end out crammed in their kid's bed. We made a conscious decision early on to prevent it. However, sometimes I am jealous because there are no other opportunities to relish Easton and Layla in that way like other parents experience. The twins sit with me on the couch as long as we read a book or occasionally for a minute while we talk to friends and family through Skype. That's it! Nothing even remotely similar to the first 6 months of their lives.

I'm not pining away wishing things were still the same, but sometimes I long to hold the twins for an extended amount of time even at this stage of their life.

For the past few weeks Kendra gets up and changes their diapers. Layla runs into our bedroom and climbs onto the bed so excited to give me hugs and cuddles. She says, "cover up, daddy?" as she wiggles her way under the covers right against me. There is nothing I can say to keep her there more than a few brief moments. Knowing that I just lay there with my arms around her as we smile at each other and giggle. I can't imagine a more fulfilling way to greet the morning.

Speaking of morning... it's coming soon again already so I better get to bed.

See you soon!

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