Sunday, March 28, 2010

farm birthday

I spent an extraordinary amount of time with the twins at local parks over the past 3 days. The weather is excellent so whenever Kendra needs a break or is gone doing her thing I loaded up the kids and went to the park. Prior to last month or so I was paranoid and terrified about the two of them running in separate direction on the jungle gym. Mostly due to Easton big fall a few months ago. I'm over it (finally) and more comfortable with their level of balance and intelligence to know where to walk and where to avoid.

Here's Mr. Happy pants running around a pine tree just because it was fun.

Layla decided to pick up fallen pinecones in the green belt. Dad, you always taught us kids, "If it's free take 2 or 3!" I'm just passing it along.

Saturday was by far the most active day I've experienced with the twins. ever. After the park and running errands and nap time we went to the birthday party for April's son, Landon. I thought we made a wrong turn and arrived at a petting zoo, but it was April's moms house. That was by far the most fun birthday party I've been to in years.

The full-sized trampoline was a big hit and the kids had to jump in shifts to avoid big kid - little kid collisions. Layla jumped until we physically removed her and then she would say, "jumpy jump!" until it was her turn again. Look at that girl go!

Easton was more interested in the foam-winged airplanes and learned to throw them for a brief flight of a few feet.

Then came the animal farm interactions... Easton did a really good snake impersonation as he pretended to hold (and bite) the fake snake

And the twins also loved playing with the small dog, Toby (not the big puppy who tackled Easton).

One of the highlights of the day was Easton and Layla riding a horse! A REAL one. Easton did a great job and I was so proud of him for being brave enough to hop on the saddle and ride. He was really comfortable and confident.

I half expected Layla to ask for spurs and say, "Giddy up!", but she was content to trot around with my hand on her back holding her in place.

Layla took a second ride with her friend, Layla Ruth. Such sweethearts and good friends.

After such a long day and play time at the farm birthday party, the twins FINALLY wore out. Their energy level dropped like a rock and we were left with two cranky toddlers.

A benefit of such a huge day was that when we put them in bed they were practically asleep before we left the room.

One thing I envied were the other dads of older kids who basically turned the kids loose and sat down in the porch swing to engage in parental conversations. Kendra and I spent the entire time chasing the twins and protecting them from horses, mud puddles, and the oversized, over-friendly neighbor dog who tackled Easton. Sorry about that little dude. If you ever have emotional issues with dogs, that was the incident you need to "work through". He didn't get hurt, but he was already uneasy around dogs before Saturday. He turned to run away from the huge neighbor puppy and the puppy throught he wanted to play (in a really rough way). So the puppy chased and tackled him throwing his lolloipop across the yard. After a few seconds of consoling him he was back to normal.

Anyway, I appreciated the chance to interact and spend time with the twins, but it sure looked appealing to see the other dad's just hang out and watch as their kids played with foam swords and plastic hats. I know there is a season for everything and once they finally reach the age of independent play, I'll wish they were 2 years old again.

This morning Kendra attempted to put pig tails in Layla's hair, but she did not appreciate it. I'm just happy her hair is finally long enough for pig tails even if she prefers it down.

This afternoon I took the twins outside for a walk to the mailbox (we didn't get to go yesterday because of the birthday party) and watering the flowers. Somehow Layla discovered she could make mud with the watering can and soil. She was intrigued enough to dig her hands into it, but girly enough she wanted me to wash it off.

Another fantastic weekend in the books and it's on to another work week starting tomorrow morning. Guess who's coming to visit next week??? Oma and Opa! Shhhh... don't tell the twins or we'll hear about for the next 4 days nonstop.

See you soon!

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