Thursday, March 4, 2010

go see train

Hi friends and family,

The new favorite TV show at our house is Chuggington because it meets the basic criteria around the Webb house, which is:

1. cartoon (Layla likes all cartoons)
2. main characters are trains (Easton likes anything related to trains)
3. show is prior to Shaun the Sheep (Kendra is the biggest Shaun the Sheep fan in the world)

So long Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Now it's all about the trains. And while we are on the subject... Easton and Layla requested a trip to go see the train resting on the tracks next to our neighborhood. By "requested" I mean they mentioned it a few times per day for several days in a row. Easton says, "Go see train, daddy! on bicycle... in the Chariot." He knows that is the standard operating procedure for the outing. They hop in the Chariot, I attach it to my mountain bike, and we ride through the neighborhood onto the main street and then along the track until we reach the stationary cars.

Do you know how hard it is to get two toddlers to sit on train tracks and smile at the camera? Let's just say I had higher odds of dying from a falling coconut in Hawaii than capturing such a moment of camera. So this will have to do for now.

Layla is a great poser and holds still with a big, sweet smile when I'm taking pictures.

Easton's glance at the camera is usually much shorter because he has more interesting things on which to focus his attention. He looks like he's thinking, "This is really weird, dad?"

After the brave visit to touch the train we rode straight to the park. I called Kendra for reinforcements so she could meet us there and help out. It's getting really tough to confine them to the little kids slide because they want to play on the serious playground equipment. That requires two people. Even if I had 4 arms and 4 legs, it still wouldn't be enough to manage the twins on the equipment because they go in different directions.

When they are at home, the twins stay within hugging distance of each other, which sometimes gets on Easton's nerves. However, put them in an open playground and they repel like two positively charged magnets. Hmmm... that was a "sheldonism". Let's just say they stay away from each other.

Layla goes down the slide and then has the strength to climb back UP the slide! What a strong, determined child she is.

Easton is becoming more brave ever day and recently caught Layla with regards to what they attempt to climb up and on.

They also figured out how to drink from water bottles.

Albeit poorly as you can see by the water running down Layla's shirt. Then she gets mad and pouts because her shirt is wet. So much to learn...

And last but not least, a short video clip of Easton busting up laughing at me in the swing next to him. For some reason he thought it was funny when I drag my feet across the rubber mat underneath the swing. He says, "Go on the mat!" as he runs his legs in the air while swinging.

laugh along with our happy boy. :)

see you soon!

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Dustin & Michaela said...

Chuggington is da bomb! It's been Landon's favorite show for a few months now and I think I know every song and every word...the song gets stuck in your head all day! Enjoy...