Thursday, March 11, 2010

ouch back

Hello friends and family,

This is a short, picture-less post for two reasons. First, daddy left the camera at his friend's house so there are no new pictures of Easton and Layla with their cute smiles. Secondly, daddy hurt his back through a combination of lifting weights in the gym which were too heavy and... no, that's about it.

Could be from lifting Easton and Layla up as I chase them across the cul-de-sac and toss them in the air, but it's more likely just me getting too old. :)

Layla made my day today when she broke into song as we were driving. She sang, on tune, the part of the Snow White song that says:

I'm wishing, I'm wishing
For the one I love
To find me, to find me today

It's like listening to Shirley Temple only more intense.

See you soon... When I get the camera back and feel like sitting in the chair again.

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P. Ionescu said...

Lovely twins!