Monday, March 22, 2010

Everything's a toy

Hey friends and family,

Kendra's back to back soccer nights went well and the 4 Webb's are on the way back to being healthy. I'm still unable to do any serious activites, but went back to work today. How's that for a reward of being healthy? The twins and I had interesting "quality time" yesterday and this evening while Kendra was away.

For one thing, their 7 PM to 7 AM sleep routine is officially history. We don't even participate in Daylight Saving Time so I have no idea what the coincidence is with that event. Either way, our evening is quickly deteriorating to 8 PM bed time and 30 minutes of Layla singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" while Easton giggles.

What that means to us as parents is the finish line for the daily marathon is that much further away each day. We love our time with the twins, but we also enjoy getting work done, house chores, time together, and alone time to do what we want with the little sliver of time left over.

The saving grace is Easton and Layla are finally starting to play together without requiring our interaction other than playing referee to the regularly occurring "I had it first" cry-fest. Their "toys" used to be limited to just whatever action figure or object we sat in front of them. Now, everything is a toy including everyday objects such as chairs and the drawing easel.

How about this one where Layla shows her long (relatively speaking) hair and Easton poses with the most handsome smile in the world.

Layla thought it was funny to crawl underneath the legs of the easel and asked me to join in with her sweet invitation saying, "come on, daddy! Daddy do it." Unfortunately I had to decline her invitation because my back still isn't strong enough for the obstacle course yet.

Layla started playing peek-a-boo and the two of them jumped out from behind the easel. This is an activity I can join in for so we did several rounds of peek-a-boo and they did a good job of entertaining each other doing this even after I left. After I left they added in their own twins-specific language and chatted back and forth speaking what sounded like some ancient language from Aborigines Pygmies.

I've noticed lately Easton is getting better at looking at the camera long enough for me to take his picture. Layla has always been a ham willing to smile brightly for the camera, but Easton only recently is following requests more correctly. So when I say, "look at the camera!" He not only knows what to do, but actually looks at more than a glance. Layla is looking at Easton for a reaction to her genuine peek-a-boo attempt.

The easel itself is highly utilized in the Webb house and highly recommended. Kendra did lots of research to find the right one and my mom gave it as a birthday gift for the twins' 2nd birthday. This is the right time to introduce them to the easel. Any earlier and a kid won't understand the difference between the chalk board side and marker board side. This will result in markers used on the chalk board and eating the magnetic letters.

Today was the big Mommy and Me group Easter egg hunt. I didn't see any of the loot scavenged by the twins, but I heard it was a big success and lots of fun. I think this must be the before picture because everyone's basket is empty and they look antsy. Layla used her poodle purse to stash the booty so I may go try to steal a few pieces if I can find it. I wonder if she found any peeps out there in the park???

See you soon.

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