Saturday, March 13, 2010


Greetings friends and family,

Thanks for the comments about operation "dry bed" where the goal of the missions is to keep on Layla's pajamas and diaper. Joanie's positive reinforcement is something I didn't think about and we will certainly deploy that method in other areas with a more conscious effort. However, we decided to go along with the homemade Reverse Pajamas option to cut to the chase. I give you, Exhibit A:

Tada! Notice there is no zipper on the front and the feet are cut off.

And the view from the back shows the very odd looking zipper now on the back.

Today was another daddy-day-care all day marathon with Kendra going to her women’s group and a baby shower. I survived, but my back pain almost drove me to call in reinforcements. Layla is running a slight temperature and has a runny nose so that detracted from her “happy heart” attitude.

I managed to capture her singing the Snow White song mentioned in the previous post. At the end she became more interested in the camera and holding it than finishing her song so I had to help her. Typical extraordinary performer… Always in conflict about whether she enjoys being in front of the camera performing or behind it directing. She breaks into song regularly and it melts my heart.

This morning it took me 2 hours to get the twins dressed, fed, and out the door. That seems ridiculous and I have no way to account for 2 hours, but none the less that is what was required. The trip to the park today was highly successful. Layla wore tennis shoes (no crocs) so she didn't get wood chips in her toes. Easton survived the ride home in the Chariot jogger because I brought apple juice for them. Also, they are both doing really well with balance and hand-eye coordination so I felt comfortable allowing them to roam on the playground equipment. We did the usual activities:

Swinging. Easton asked to stay in the swing and requested I get in the seat next to him and swing also. Of course, I couldn't resist that invitation.

Exercising. If I had caught this on video you would hear Layla gritting her teeth and saying, "fit-teen, sick-teen, seben-teen..."

Break-dancing: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto... Yeah!

Then at home we did the usual daily routine of watering the flowers. Errr, uhhh... I mean watering each other.

Then just before nap time we played some hide and seek. I pulled the velcro top off the rocket ship hut and just as I suspected. Boo!

Oh, about nap time... It never happened. Even after my valiant attempt to feed them, wear them out with activities all morning, and slowly wind down for nap time with books and relaxing. After laying them down for nap time they just continued to play and talk and giggle. Layla took her clothes off and during one trip to their room I found Mr. stinky pants needed some attention.

Today was a tough day, but a great chance to have quality time with the twins. It just made for an extra long adventurous day compared with the small slices of time I normally get in the evenings after work. Tomorrow morning I expect to wake up and find Layla fully clothed in her pajamas. Mommy and Daddy are victorious!

See you soon.

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