Sunday, March 7, 2010

Smart cookies

Hi friends and family,

Friday night was date night for mommy and daddy. We went out with our friends, April and Jason, for sushi and wondering around old town Scottsdale. We rarely visit that area anymore so we decided to go there as a post-birthday celebration for me. Turned out to be just the kind of relaxed, fun evening I needed. Also, I was relieved Casey took care of the twins for the evening and did a great job of sticking to the routine. Good baby sitters are difficult to find and everyone we trusted the twins with so far has worked out famously. Unfortunately, there were no pictures or evidence of our evening out. :)

Just for fun I’ll cut this post in two sections, one for Layla and one for Easton.


She may be ready for a spelling bee as long as the only words in the competition are Layla and stop. She has those two memorized! I don't know how many 2 year olds can spell their name, but she's super smart from what I can tell.

The new easel / chalk board Nana gave us for the twins’ birthday is coming in handy. I wrote Easton and Layla’s name on the board saying each letter. Then I gave them the chalk and held their hand as I wrote the letters and sounded it out again. One time through and Layla repeated it back to me… confidently.

We were driving in the car tonight and I asked, “Layla how do you spell your name?” She replied, “Layla, L-A-Y-L-A, Layla!” Just like a spelling bee response. Kendra was impressed and I was proud of Layla for learning so well and proud of myself for doing something useful with our time together this weekend when Mommy was away.

We have TWO kid-sized laptops and Layla is enthralled by the electronic wonder of it. The games are a little too advanced for the twins now, but she is picking it up quickly. I didn’t get my first laptop until I was 23 years old and that was through my work! Toys are much more awesome than when I was a kid.

Any time Kendra leaves her shoes out, Layla finds a way to put them on and wear them around the house. I’m amazed she can wear high heels and walk so balanced already. Must be a girl thing?

The Webb house experienced two Layla-related fecal emergency situations in two days. That is TWO too many, but from what I hear it’s just a part of this “stage”. The reason the situations occurred is because Layla still takes her pajamas and diaper off every single day and night. The urine soaked bed is one thing, but this is a whole new level of disturbing… We find her naked, huddled in the corner of her crib like this:

Until I find or invent pajamas that zip up the back instead of the front, I suspect we will have these ongoing issues for the foreseeable future.


He is becoming more and more humorous all the time. His laugh is very contagious and genuine. Some of the things he thinks are funny surprise me, but we just go with it. A silly noise, a contorted face, or good tickle all result in belly laughs for him.

Kendra bought a book, which has a page of astronaut related stickers in it. She thought of the idea to entice Easton to use the potty by promising the big-daddy space shuttle sticker if he would comply. He tried to bargain for two full days. He asks for the sticker, then we say, “Yes, you can have the sticker when you go in the potty!” He would think for a few seconds and start all over again asking for it. Finally on the second day he gave up asking and said, “OK, Easton go potty.” We sang and cheered and he got his sticker. That’s a full day’s work right there. Whew! All that effort for once per week success. I know it will take time, but he is well on his way towards the normal age to get out of diapers.

We ate at Chino Bandito’s tonight and this picture shows how they are similar, yet unique. Just the way it is meant to be. Easton’s hair is getting long and Kendra wants to cut it. I can’t convince her to let him grow a mullet no matter how hard I try.

And last, but not least… Easton did what he had to do to avoid being shown up by Layla.

See you soon!


Michaela said...

I wonder if Layla gets hot at night and that is why she is taking her PJ's off? I noticed both twins are wearing the long sleeve/pants PJ's...maybe she runs hotter then Easton. I know Landon gets really hot at night and seems to sleep better with short sleeve pj's w/o footies. - Michaela

The Four Webbs said...

Hey Michaela,

Yes, Layla does run hotter than Easton and it could be a contributing factor. Thanks for the insight! We'll put her in the thin princess pajamas tomorrow night and see how that works out.