Friday, March 12, 2010

smell the flowers

Happy weekend to you,

The naked bandit, Layla, continues to evade our efforts to keep her clothed at night. Michaela's idea to put lighter weight pajamas on her does result in finding her clothed in the morning. However, when we put her in bed at night she takes off her pajamas and diaper as she sings Easton to sleep and winds down. When we go check her an hour after bed time she is unclothed about half the time. I guess the other logical answer is to keep her awake later until she is so worn down that she doses off to sleep immediately. I'm open for ideas...

Sometimes it is fun to focus on how the twins are different because Easton and Layla are polar opposites on some things. We've met innumerable people who say they have a twin sibling, but they are nothing alike despite what the common people expect.

They both stop to smell the flowers, but in different ways. Mommy bought a new potted flower at Lowe's. It gives the twins something else to water besides the planted flowers, the rocks, and the mud. Yes, Easton told me he purposefully watered the mud. Easton bends over and creeps towards the flower to smell it as if he is sneaking up on a live animal. Then he takes in a full, slow breath through his nose and says, "ahhhhh" like someone who just drank a refreshing lemonade on a hot day.

Then you have Layla. She ran up to the flower, buried her face in it, and whiffed in through her nose with all her might.

On Wednesday we went to the park with Aunt Mary, to have a picnic dinner. Did daddy remember the camera? nope. The afternoon was very cool and windy, but that made for really good kite conditions! We bundled up and ran the twins crazy between feeding popcorn to the ducks, playing on the playground equipment, and running around chasing the kite as it would float down to the ground between gusts.

Mary thought the weather had ruined our time together, but I loved it and the twins didn't seem to mind at all either. Layla almost caught a duck she was chasing. Not sure what she would have done after catching it, but luckily we didn't have to find out.

I went to Jason's house last night to hang out and we watched the movie "Along came Polly". Aside from the vulgar, middle school humor it was surprisingly funny. The couple in the movie are similar to Dharma and Greg, who are similar to Kendra and I. In short, I'm uptight, cautious, and logical. Kendra is free-spirited, fun, and cheery. There are probably many couples who can relate to that formula of how to describe the man and woman. That is why putting the two personalities in a relationship is so humorous and relatable.

It's the weekend and that means daddy is on duty with a camera and ready to play the day away. Mommy will be gone to her women's get together and then a baby shower on Saturday so I have to fill 7 hours alone with the twins somehow.

Anyone want to go out and play? Call me. seriously... anybody?

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

I talked to a lady at work whose daughter has twins. One of her twins also removed her pj's every night! They cut the feet off her pj's and put them on backwards! That way she could not reach the zipper. Viola! Pj's stayed on! Try it, there is nothing to lose. Made a copy of Phil Wickham for Neill and Jenny to take on their trip. We think they'll really like it. Love you all and miss you terribly. :( Wish I was rich cuz I'd fly there today to play with you and the twins. Oma

Anonymous said...

Love Oma's suggestion....Ginger had the same trouble w/ Caleb and I think they used those large baby diaper PINS on the top of the jammies, (through the zipper) so he couldn't get them open. Not sure if this might be more hazardous for Layla, trying to get a pin off, or if it might work......OR, perhaps she simply needs cute flowing princess jammy gowns that she WANTS to keep on, and then she gets to have a special dance with daddy in the morning in her princess gown....or a special morning surprise/treat/marshmallows in her oatmeal, each day she wakes up fully dressed. Just thinking...She's just too smart. She just needs motivation to do the right thing! love you, joanie