Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Hello friends and family,

I'm happy to report Easton and Layla survived the weekend with Daddy with no major incidents. There was never a question whether I could make it 48 hours alone with the twins. The question was how I would survive with the unknown unknowns. That's a term attributed to former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Trust me... this term is perfectly applicable to dealing with children. Especially for someone like me who leans heavily on the expertise of Mommy for the day to day issues with those two toddlers.

Here is the video where I gave Layla the camera. It's rare for daddy to get into any video... The humorous part of it is where you hear Layla making a "swoosh, swoosh" sound. She is used to swiping through pictures on my iphone where she uses her finger to "swoosh" the screen from one picture to the next. Apparently she thought the display on the back of the camera would do the same thing. When you hear her making the "swoosh" noise, she is using her finger to try and swipe through the pictures on the camera, which doesn't work. :)

Time to say bye-bye to the old SD1000 camera and hello to the new Canon S90!

I'm still tinkering with the settings so these next pics are not that great, but it seems to be faster. I am no longer 1 second behind the moment with my camera! It may be fun to start an entire new blog using only pictures of the twins where I missed the moment. My computer is filled with enough pictures to last a full year with nothing but pictures of the top of Layla's head and Easton with his eyes closed.

While mommy was away for the weekend the three Webbs went with my friend, David, and his two kiddos to Bass Pro Shops. That place is awesome. It turned out to be an excellent adventure and everyone behaved well as we walked around pointing out animals.

Afterwards we stopped by the burrito shop and I chopped one in half for the twins.

They did very well eating with two hands and I was pleasantly surprised at their burrito skills. Only half of it ended up in their lap, so I consider it a success.

Sunday afternoon I wanted to get a picture of beautiful Layla in her church dress. She peeked around the door and I caught her off guard with a candid shot.

And one final picture taken by my friend's camera of Kendra and I after my black belt test.

If I look a little rough and whooped, it's because that is exactly how I felt. That night was 2 hours of grueling martial arts and I certainly earned my black belt. Kendra earned it just as much as I did because of her sacrifice to get me here over the past few years. She's been very supportive of me and my desire to pursue this. It seems that is rare for a woman to not only believe in her husband, but actively contribute to my goals through her words of encouragement and making time for my training. She deserves the trip to Hawaii more than I do!

And finally, the grandest news of all: My mom flew into town tonight and it is exciting to have her around. I can't wait to have our own adventures with her and the 4 Webbs.

See you soon!

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