Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome home

Happy New Year to you and may all your dreams come true in 2010! We have some dreams of own coming true over the next couple of months and I'm excited about what the next few months will hold for us.

We were able to connect with Kendra's cousins, Mark and Colleen, who have two kids of their own. They have a loft area will lots of open space and boatloads of toys for our twins to enjoy along with their cousins. No one was injured and as you can see by this picture, everyone got along famously.

One of their Christmas gifts was a mini-trampoline built just for kids. Easton jumped a few times, but Layla nearly bounced through the roof. the height of her jumping is hard to see in this picture because of an optical allusion, but believe me, she was really giving those bungee cords a workout.

Easton and Layla are rarely still enough to capture on film, but every day during snack time they pause just long enough to cram some cheese puffs and slam some apple juice before resuming their laps around the couch while listening to "Old McDonald Had a Farm" for the 30th time that day.

This is what happens when you give a camera to a toddler:

He turned it around towards his face and took several pictures as he giggled at the camera. I was impressed he knew how to hold the button and snap the shot. Go Easton!

The 4 Webbs packed up and drove home to AZ a few days early because my work this coming week is expected to be very heavy. Driving all night in the middle of the week tends to halt to my productivity. The summary of our trip shows it as a great success and the two of us discussed how well it went as we drove home.

The highlight for Kendra was knowing the twins and her parents bonded so well together. Eventually Easton just shortened his sentence to, "Oma come!" That's all he had to say to get Oma to join in whatever he was doing. The only regret we have is not connecting with Kendra's cousin Dustin and his family. We had high hopes of a Sunday afternoon get together, but our split decision to leave early put a damper on that one. We expect to be back in NorCal this summer to escape the heat so hopefully our ability to plan will make that connection a reality.

We did have time for one more trip to see the fish hatchery and ducks before leaving town. It was a good way to let the twins run around and give Oma and Opa one last window of opportunity to hold their hand and wander around. Easton is without a doubt Oma's number one fan. His world is perfectly aligned if Oma is within sight.

Everyone slept well during the drive home and slept in this morning as the two of recovered from the all-nighter. We unloaded the Honda Pilot into the house like a dump truck dumps a mound of garbage onto a heap. It will take us a few days to sift through the ruble to get everything squared away. We took a break from the sifting to go play in the park and eat Pei Wei's Chinese food on the outdoor patio. Mommy and the twins are already back to their silly ways as we bask in the sunny sweetness of AZ winter time.

Wish you were here... :)

The only difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. There is your moment of Zen for the day... Here are some of our plans for the next two months:

- Kendra will run a half-marathon
- Bronson will test to become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
- The two of us are booked at a resort in Maui, Hawaii for a week of kid-less vacation.

also Easton and Layla turn 2 years old!

I ran out of time tonight to dive into adventures coming up, but I'll get back on my normal blogging schedule since we are rapidly settling back into normal life.

See you soon!

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