Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chicken Dance

The communication lines are wide open between the 4 Webbs. We've reached a new level where Easton and Layla will say something and then repeat it over and over again until we figure out. A few nights ago the twins ran around the living room in circles while listening to Old MacDonald. Layla came over to me and said some unrecognizable words and then stared blankly at me as I stared blankly at her. I said, "can you say it again?" and she said it over and over.

I turned the music off and ask for a mommy interpretation from Kendra who was doing dishes. Layla looked towards Kendra and said it again only to receive the same blank stare from mommy that I gave her. We both shrugged our shoulders and I started trying to figure it out through charades. Since we were listening to music I searched through the list of songs and BAM! It hit me. She was saying, "Chicken Dance!" Easton and Layla LOVE to hop around to that song. Layla responded with an over accentuated head nod and a big "yyyyyyyyes!" I think what she really meant was, "no duh, daddy. I said it 10 times." Anyway, after the celebration I was more than happy to play the obnoxious song (three times in a row) and dance around with them. Here's a short video of the chicken dance.

I’ll upload the video today since my computer is flakey like a biscuit.

I hate to even mention the weather because I get NO sympathy from anyone outside of Arizona this time of year. However, it was a little rainy and today, but still 68 degrees so no complaints from me. That meant there is not much opportunity to play outside. Kendra did the same thing she is used to doing in the scorching hot summer… go to the mall. The play area was packed and I’m glad they had a chance to interact with other kids in the playground area. I refer to it as, “The germ-infested, cootie coated, disease incubator.” Anyway, they had a great time and this picture showing their smiling, happy faces proves it.

It's official! Daddy is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I tested tonight and everything went well. I took some damage fighting 5 different guys and ended up with a bloody lip, bruises galore, and one shot to the groin (thank God for cups). Once in a great while, the Adventures of the 4 Webbs don't include the twins and tonight was one of those occasions.

This is the only picture that half-way turned out because of my stinky camera. Tomorrow as a gift and reward for earning my black belt I will go to Best Buy and purchase a Canon S90 camera. I figure since my previous camera took over 15,000 pictures I will certainly get my money's worth from a new camera.

I'm off to bed for sleep, healing, and preparation for early work meetings on Friday morning. Time waits for no man.

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo Bronson! We knew you would become a black belt yesterday. We are so proud of you and how hard you worked to get your reward! We are proud of all of the Webbs as you and Kendra have worked together to achieve the goals and dreams you have both acquired. Hats off to all of you! Now I have even more things to brag about. :)
Love to all! Oma and Opa

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo Bronson! We are so proud of you. A black belt is in your hands! The 4 Webbs need to be congratulated as you all worked together so you and Kendra could achieve your dreams and goals. We love you all and can't wait to see you. Have a wonderful visit with your sweet mama!
Oma and Opa

Anonymous said...

Way to go Bronny! That is really awesome! (Not that you got hurt, but that you passed the test!) Now if you ever have a mugger try to maul you, you can look at them with your best Jackie Chan smile and say, "I'm black belt man. Don't mess vith me!" :) Really--congrats! You can fight off the boyfriends when Layla gets older!