Thursday, January 14, 2010

Games we play

Greetings friends and family,

Our lives have been a little extra busy over the past few weeks so I'll have to catch up on the posting to the blog through smaller posts more frequently until I catch up.

One question I have yet to ask Kendra is about flossing kid's teeth. At what age do you start flossing a child's teeth? We regularly brush their teeth (almost) every night. But i started thinking that if they eat the same things we do and require brushing, then why not flossing also? If the answer is we need to floss their teeth, then my next question is, "How?" We have a tough time getting Easton and Layla to hold still long enough to brush their teeth and I am certain flossing is much less "fun" than brushing... Do they make kid floss? Is there a technique for strapping kids down so they don’t cut their gums on the floss? This is one area I never even thought about when considering what issues I would face when raising toddlers.

As the twins get older I notice there are certain behaviors and routines which develop. One of those is the interaction between Easton and I each night at bed time. I sing their songs, cover them up, and place the sippy cup of water in the crib. Then as I walk away from Easton's crib he inquisitively says, "Daddy?"

I believe he wants to be comforted knowing I am there for him! One night last week when he said, "Daddy?” I rushed over to his crib and said, "yes? daddy is here." He thought that was funny and now it's a game we play where I do that a few times back and forth. I caught one of those humorous exchanges on video just for fun.

Another recent phenomenon is the Old McDonald craze. Easton and Layla are extraordinarily crazed over the Old McDonald song. Every night before bath time I just say, “Old McDonald?” and they go absolutely nuts even before the song starts. We go into the TV room and they place their soft personal couch chairs back to back. They wait impatiently for the song to start. At this moment they look and act like a bottle of soda being shaken. They jump up and down giggling ready to burst. Once the song starts they cheer as though their favorite team won the BCS bowl and then they run around the chairs like wild monkeys chasing each other. Here’s a video clip of that lovely, daily event:

And that's life with toddlers! Kendra and I are reverting back to childish ways together and having a lot of fun doing it. I've been waiting for 25 years to play with Match Box cars and run around in circles singing silly songs again.

Here are a few caption photos to instigate a chuckle or two from you.

Opa, when are you coming to show me how to swing these golf clubs?

as she grabed the camera in my hands she said, "Layla do it! Layla do it!"

Then she proceeded to take 10 pictures of the grass in the green belt only stopping long enough between pictures to laugh hysterically about it.


(hee hee heeeeeee)


See you soon!


Anonymous said...

My kids love flossing with the dino flossers. They are a colorful dino with a small loop of floss. Out dentist said that kids need to have parents floss nightly for them if any of their teeth are touching each other....and when kids start losing baby teeth they should floss nightly on the adult teeth especially. That's ambitious, but a good habit to birthday is almost here!!!

The Four Webbs said...

Thanks for the dino flosser idea, Joanie. I'll look into that and see if we can get that habit started ASAP! We are more excited about their birthday than they are, but by next year they will be fully aware of what that really means and their excitement will surpass ours.