Friday, January 8, 2010

tutu and zoo lights

Howdy folks!

Occasionally I have to question what Kendra teaches the twins while I'm at work... One teacher with two toddlers means they are taught the same thing. Layla is preparing to twirl around like a fairy princess and Easton is just doing stretching exercises. Or so one would guess.

But it is very clear who is the pretty princess. Layla!

Any time the words "cute face" are heard she immediately does her cute face, but her head and body contort more to the side as the months and years go by as she tries to really emphasize the cuteness.

Tonight we spontaneously went to the Phoenix zoo. With the yearly passes we received tickets to the Zoo Lights display, which ends this Sunday. Since the rest of our weekend is booked up with other fun, we decided to get some use out of the zoo lights passes since it was "free" fun.

The highlight of the night was riding the carousel.

I am extremely proud of Easton for being brave enough to jump on the spinning animals. We sat patiently watching others go around and around. We used our own excitement to hype it up as the most awesome experience ever known to man. Our enthusiasm must have cheered his bravery on to new heights because after seeing other kids ride the ride and dismount alive I asked, "Does Easton want to ride the tiger?" He thought for a few seconds and said, "OK!" That was all we needed to hear and it was off to the races standing in line praying for it to go quickly so we can get the twins onto the carousel before either of them had the chance to back out on the deal.

They both loved riding on the animals. Layla shouted, "Hiiiii" and waved as Easton shouted, "Byyyyyye" and waved. Both were technically correct because on the carousel we were coming and going nowhere at the same time. Great fun had by all and it only cost $25 for the night (popcorn, a water, and a pretzel). Ouch... Next time I'm packing a fruit rollup and a gatorade from home. :)

See you soon!

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