Friday, January 22, 2010

through the storm

Hello friends and family,

We survived the downpour of rain and wind over the past few days by staying inside finding fun things to do as indoor activities. The title is not a metaphor for anything. We literally survived the storm, which was one of the worst Phoenix experienced in the past decade. We normally get 7 inches per YEAR of rain, but over the past 2 days we soaked up 2-4 inches across the valley. the cacti are drowning...

Surprisingly, Easton likes feeling the drops on his head and hands. Layla blinks her eyes and furrows her brow when forced out into the elements.

Easton did his best to lure Layla out into the rain the other day...

He's more like a dog and she's more like a cat with regards to rain. Hmm... that gives yet another Halloween costume idea for next year! Cats and Dogs?

Goma (Jenny) sings a song with the lyrics:

Peanut sat on the railroad tracks
eating bread and butter
along came a great, big train
choo choo!
Peanut butter

Here's the peanut, now I just need to retake the picture with her holding a piece of buttered bread. They requested I take them back to see the train so I loaded them up in the Chariot and pulled them behind my bike to go see it. Easton improved his bravery this time by actually touching the train while no-fear-Layla hung from the ladder doing pull ups (with my help of course).

You would be surprised how many minutes of fun are extracted from a costco box. They are getting to big to sit inside most of them, but cardboard can be used in many other ways!

There are two big changes recently I've noticed in the twins: The ability to comprehend and communicate past, present, future and also the ability to choose.

In the past I would ask if they want a graham cracker or Nilla wafer. They would stare blankly at me and I would have to figure it out by giving them one and see if they say, "no" and then the try the other. However, recently they voluntarily come out and ask for specific things as well as expressing a preference for one item or color over another. In the bath tub I hold up two foam letters such as M and E. Then ask one of them to choose. They respond with their preference and it makes my life easier... and harder now they have an opinion because their opinions are vocally expressed about EVERYTHING.

They also started to describe things through the past, present, and future tense. Maybe not with the actual word such as, "I heard a train last night", but rather as a concept where upon my return home from work they describe the details of what they did that day. They never ask for something in the future though... It's always, "right now!", but they at least comprehend when we say, "later we will do that". Of course hours and days and time are foreign concepts, but the general idea of future is starting to sink in.

They are making progress and I'm proud of them for it! That is the important thing.

See you soon.

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