Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nana time

Howdy folks,

My mom, Nana, arrived on Monday for a visit with the 4 Webbs. Within 24 hours Easton and Layla are both totally dependent on her for all the love and hugs she can give. When Nana and I came home from shopping I walked in the door with my arms wide open as usual, but Layla blew by as if I didn't exist and wrapped herself around Nana's legs for big hugs. I don't mind at all because it is great to see them have such great bonds so quickly. Yesterday was a day for Nana to recoup from the late flight so today we did plenty of adventuring. First stop was the zoo! It's hard to get the monkeys AND people all in the same shot, but this is easily the best picture of day.

The zoo was a success with giraffes eating from Easton's hand and Elephants less than 10 feet away. This next picture looks like the giraffe has its tongue in my ear, but it is only an optical illusion.

I discovered it is impossible to pass the carousel without riding now the twins have tasted the rush of riding one.

At least Nana was waiting outside the fence so the twins had someone specific to wave at during each rotation. They were both so proud of themselves for bravely bobbing up and down while sitting on the shark and dolphin. And somehow we ended up taking a monkey home:

Oh wait, that's Layla... She is taking full advantage of our bag full of books from the library and Nana's willingness to read book after book.

The paci is pure Kryptonite for our superwoman, Layla. Do you remember the scene from Superman where he gets the piece of Kryptonite jammed into his side and falls into the ocean as his energy is drained? The Paci has the same effect on our little superhero. Pop the paci in her mouth and whether she has a cape or not, she winds down like a SmartCar running into a Hummer. Bam! and it's lights out.

The 4 Webbs are loving the quality time with Nana and looking forward to Papa arriving on Friday for the weekend festivities.

I can't believe they are almost TWO years old?! Has it really been that long... I calculated we have changed about 11,580 diapers over the past two years. Wow, that puts it into perspective. I'm amused their birthday is on the same day as the Super Bowl. I'm tempted to buy a Saints and Colts helmet as birthday gifts. :)

See you soon.

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