Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The 4 Webbs have been in NorCal for almost two weeks and the truth is becoming clearer every day. I thought Kendra and I were the popular ones with such a jam-packed schedule of get togethers with friends and family. It turns out Easton and Layla are the stars in demand! Not that I blame anyone for wanting to be spend time with them. They are such a delight and highly entertaining.

Yesterday morning Kendra went to breakfast with her friends and they were more than happy to help out with the twins. Here is her friend, Dawn, with Easton. She loves babies and has a whole facebook page with nothing but pictures of babies!

Kendra had several opportunities to hang out with her long-time friends and she soaked up the experiences to get every last drop of fun from being here.

We also had the chance to see Neill and Jenny again while they are visiting their daughter, Tracy, who lives here in Sacramento. Her two kids are very entertaining and played so well with Easton and Layla. They built forts, which Layla tore down and swam with the dog, which thrilled Easton to no end.

Kendra and Tracy discussed the virtues of home schooling and I can tell you her two kids are smart, social, mature, and tons of fun.

There is a long story behind the rubber house gloves between Oma and I... We all had a good laugh when she gave one each to Easton and Layla. We put their hands inside the gloves and it was obvious the texture of the rubber was new and wierd. We need to get the twins used to cleaning up after themselves sometime, right?

I think Easton was showing Layla how the gloves are supposed to work, but she was more interested in touching the glove than figuring out what it is used for.

We also spent an evening with our long time friends, Craig and Angie. We've been friends since before I met Kendra! They have a boy and girl of their own (not twins) and their boy, Nate, is only a couple of months younger than our babies. I just had to get a picture of our boys together.

And now this week's edition of WFMW (Works For Me Wednesday)...

One of the best things we gave our babies was teaching sign language. Layla especially took to sign language as her form of communication. Easton went straight to verbal words, but Layla has used sign language as her preferred way to tell us what she thinks. She knows: more, yes, no, ball, stop, go, eat, bath, and a many other words.

The video we show them once every two or three days is: Baby Einstein - My First Signs

It's very entertaining for them and teaches them many different words with Marlee Matlin as one of the co-stars.

Anyway, I highly recommend teaching babies sign language as early as possible because knowing what they want and need makes parenting 10 times easier.

See you soon!

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