Saturday, April 11, 2009

messy eaters

Hi friends and family,

Easton and Layla are relying more and more on their own skills of eating instead of being spoon fed from us all the time. The results are an extraordinary mess almost every meal time, but we gladly let them mush it up and smear around everywhere because that's just what babies do... I'm not sure what this meal started as, but here they are eating some food all by their selves.

Easton is a bit cleaner than Layla, but that reflects his personality well because he typically stays cleaner than Layla throughout the day as well.

and after this mess was cleaned up Kendra decided to let them try fudge pops and as you can tell it was both a success (they loved the way they taste) and a failure (we still haven't got all the chocolate off the high chair or the floor) at the same time.

During the packing mayhem that ensued on Wednesday Kendra decided to suit up Layla in the bear outfit to see if it will still be usable for the trip to Sacramento. We bought it a slightly too big so they would grow into it and they sure have grown!

Tomorrow being Easter will hopefully result in many pictures and cute outfits for the twins and the other kids in Kendra's extended family.

Easton and Layla are having a great time with Oma and Opa as well as the new toys and books. The twins remember them well from previous visits and regular Skype calls. technology is wonderful when it works...

See you soon.

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