Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out on the town

The bunny ears are the gift that keeps on giving. I just can't get over how handsome and expressive Easton is.

The 4 Webbs are so glad Kendra's grandma (GG) decided to spend time with us this weekend. Layla points to her now when we ask, "Where is GG?" Easton says her name regularly when she's around and he's so proud of himself for knowing what name goes with what person. She wore white pants and shirt so I took advantage of the moment to proclaim her, "GG the Easter Bunny".

Kendra and I experienced tons of excitement over the past day for mommy and daddy.  Easton and Layla seem to make their own excitement, but we decided to go search for it in downtown Sacramento in the form of a mini-vacation.  Kendra's parents were kind enough to take care of the twins for an entire 24 hour period (God bless their tired souls) so we could have some alone time fun.  It was a little bitter sweet being away form the twins.  The time alone with Kendra was outstanding, but it was hard to leave the babies when they say "mama and dada" while looking up at us with those sweet faces.

We drove to downtown Sacramento in the afternoon, shopped at the mall, and checked into the Sheraton Grand hotel. Nice hotel, but nothing special. It was only one of two 4 or 5 star hotels within several miles of our expected dinner and dancing location so we didn't have much choice. The only thing special about the hotel was us being there together. Ironically, this is the SAME hotel where we spent our wedding night! Awe... how romantic.

We met Kendra's girlfriends and significant others out for dinner. What a good looking group of ladies (in a humble, non-conceited way).

Kendra and I almost didn't know what to do with ourselves during dinner without having to chase babies around, feed them and ourselves at the same time, and continually entertain the twins the entire time even as we rush out the door when they hit their limit. It was casual and we both ate WARM food at the same time without speaking in gah-gah-goo-goo words.

After dinner we danced the night away and celebrated Megan's birthday in style.

Today we both stayed in bed until 9:30 AM.  This is monumental because 14 months ago was the last time we could make that statement.  The occasional fire truck siren and noisy hotel patron walking down the hall were the only noises we heard and none of them resulted in us getting out of bed, luckily.  

We walked around the state capital park and shook our fists at the oppressive government buildings and then strolled through the exquisite flower gardens hand in hand. Taking a little time away with Kendra really does recharge the batteries and the only disappointment is that we didn't do the "overnight stay" earlier and more often.

Now it's back to work with me tomorrow and we'll spend our last week in NorCal cherishing the cool mornings and time with friends and family before heading back to reality this weekend.

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Mark, Shannon,Trey, Boston, & Lola said...

I am so happy for you guys that you went and did that!!!!! Kendra you looked beautiful!!!