Friday, April 17, 2009

First night away?

TGIF everyone,

Our twins were conceived on May 11th 2007 (almost two years ago). Kendra has been in the same house as the twins every single night since that day. Another way of saying that is: She hasn't had a full night away from them for 2 years!

A vacation is long overdue and we're planning a mini-vacation for Saturday night. That means a out on the town and then sleeping at a hotel and NOT waking up at 7:00 AM. It's been so long I almost don't know what to expect other than hoping Kendra has a great time and a chance to rest by sleeping soundly and sleeping in late.

Poor Oma is not feeling well today... i think the twins and the added demands of the 4 Webbs in her house have worn her down. Kendra is heading out to the zoo with her mommy friends this afternoon. I hope Oma feels good enough to go along. I made my plea with Kendra to take pictures of the outing so I’m crossing my fingers there will be new pictures waiting for me at home tonight of their adventures.

tonight should a typical low-key Friday for the 4 Webbs so I'll catch up on the blog again later tonight.

bye bye

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