Sunday, April 26, 2009

temporary triplets

Good evening,

The 4 Webbs had a wonderful recovery weekend after returning from NorCal. We sure needed it. Before I had the chance to unpack my suitcase, which never happens within the first week of getting home, Easton and Layla decided to explore it. I call this photo: Suitcase Full of Life

I'm not sure what is so exciting about a bunch of clothes, but maybe they were trying to say, "we're ready to go see Oma and Opa again right now!"

In case you can't read Easton's pajama top, it says, "Future Mr. Right". Yeah, i'm very proud of that too. It's never too early to start speaking words of affirmation over Easton and Layla about their lives!

We took advantage of the windy day Saturday and went to the duck pond so we could fly the kite and watch the airplanes. Seems like there have been twice as many windy days as a normal spring in Phoenix. Anyway, we stopped by Jamba Juice before the park and the twins are growing very fond of their smoothies.

Easton and Layla both learned how to use a straw long ago and we're thankful for that because Jamba Juice doesn't flow through sippy cups. Easton would have polished his juice off earlier if he didn't spend so much time pointing out and announcing every airplane flying overhead.

I'm working on a photo video for each of the twins individually and one of the pictures I need is of Layla sleeping. She's such a light sleeper that it's tough to sneak into their room without her waking up, but using my ninja skills I managed to get this shot. My, what long eye lashes she has...

Temporary Triplets - Today we had a visitor for the afternoon. Meet Daniel.

Daniel fit right in with the 4 Webbs and felt comfortable enough to kick back in a rocking chair. He's the son of our friends Brendon and Danielle as well as the grandson of our Pastor, Phil Goldsberry. Since he is only 6 months older than our twins it was a simulated triplets environment and I learned a LOT today. I learned if we would have had triplets, we would have survived just fine. I also learned we would have needed to buy three of everything instead of just two because as hard as it is for Easton and Layla to share, it's an order of magnitude harder for three babies to share two things. Here you can see we need three high chairs, three cups, faster spoons, three times the number of crackers, etc.

So if you think economies of scale applies to multiples of children, I can assure you the advantages are minuscule. Those logistical things aside, Daniel and the twins played together very well and we had a ball showing Daniel our world including toys, books, and games (chasing around the kitchen island).

We even went for a walk around our neighborhood. Kendra pushed Daniel in the Combi stroller and I loaded Easton and Layla up in the Chariot. The 4 Webbs wore Daniel out! He spent the last half hour at our house slumped over Kendra's shoulder asking for his mom.

We were looking forward to having Daniel over and he was a pleasant, fun addition to our crazy household.

In other news... I have a good definition of teething: A few months after birth teething begins. A continuous cycle of "slobber, drool, whine, new tooth" repeats itself until all teeth are present and accounted for. Layla is in the drool - whine phase for one or more teeth and we feel so bad for her having to go through that. On a more positive note: Layla is one step closer to becoming a steak eater!

See you soon

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Danielle, Brendon & Daniel said...

You guys are soooo amazing! You know I totally trust and love you in order to leave my most prized possesion in your hands and I didn't even worry for 1 minute! I am so ready to come over and watch the babies for your next date day/ night!