Friday, April 24, 2009

monster and zombies

Happy weekend friends,

ZOMBIES: The 4 Webbs drove 13 hours through the night to get home from Sacramento. The twins slept well through the night... well, most of the night anyway. We were cruising along the I-10 freeway around 2:00 AM at a speed I consider to be reasonable and prudent. Then, we stopped. Easton and Layla woke up and we sat there for over an hour! The trucks next to us all turned off their engines and jumped out to converse with other truckers wondering around the highway.

It was like a Snickers commercial: "Not going anywhere for a while, grab a snickers!" Instead, we grabbed some pavement:

Don't ever tell the 4 Webbs to "go play on the freeway" 'cause WE'LL DO IT! This is what happens with two separate Tractor Trailers jack knife and roll over cross ways within a mile of each other. We made the most of the situation by giving Easton a real-life lesson in trucks. He was able to touch the side of the truck and the trailer and the enormous tires.

Are the tires huge or is Easton small? Certainly a little of both is true. Either way, Easton clearly understands what a truck is now and said the word more frequently today on the road as a result of his up close and personal experience.

Layla was a little bit scared of the noisy machines as they idled close by, but I was more than happy to have her hold on to me tightly. Here we are standing on the center line of the I-10 parking lot with the big, stationary trucks stretching for miles in both directions.

All that excitement overnight was enough to turn us into zombies today. We're wondering around the house waiting for the next opportunity to take a nap... and I mean ALL of us took naps today. Hopefully we'll get ourselves and the twins to bed at a decent hour tonight and bask in the glory of our own bed and pillows. Tomorrow we should be back to normal, but it's almost like jet lag.

MONSTER: The trip home was uneventful other than the highway parking lot delay. Although I admit to chugging a Monster energy drink at 3:00 AM because I was getting tired. I bought the can of Monster as a precautionary measure to be used only if I was seriously tired. When I hit that level of desperation I drank it all within about 10 minutes and waited for the effects.

First of all, I've never drank an energy drink before. Monster tastes disgustingly like carbonated cough syrup. I had a tough time choking it down. I actually experienced the shivers at that point. You know... when the hair on the back of your neck stands up and your head shakes side to side a few times involuntarily?

Anyway, when I finished I felt bloated, nauseous, and wired. Staying awake was a breeze though so even though it tasted horrible and gave me a stomach ache for the next 12 hours, I didn't fall asleep at the wheel!


We decided to eat at the fancy Fat's Chinese restaurant (yes the name is called "Fats" if you can believe that) for our last meal with Oma and Opa. Layla got a little fidgety before the food arrived so Kendra gave her a toothbrush. If any adult started brushing their teeth in the restaurant that would be weird. However, since Layla did it, we thought the moment to be picture worthy. Such a bright smile and she LOVES brushing every night after bath time.

Dinner was excellent, but slightly sad because of the impending departure and mutual feelings of missing the time together from now until July when we go back again. Every morning for two weeks (and this morning at our house) Easton wakes up asking for Oma and Opa like a broken record. So here's one last picture with Oma and Opa before we left the restaurant of our last supper meal. Easton is clueless at this point regarding the approaching departure from Oma and Opa, hence the huge smile:

At least we have Skype! This evening when we I called Oma on Skype, Easton and Layla ran into the room where the computer is because they knew Oma and Opa would be on the voice and video.

The time with Kendra's friends and family was well worth the trip. Kendra and the twins loved it all the only regret was not having enough time to meet up with all the people we wanted to. Our trip in July will be longer so we have high expectations for the upcoming trip.

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