Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cali family

Howdy folks,

Easter is gone, but left us with some great memories and plastic eggs full of M&Ms. Easton and Layla had their individual blue and pink fluffy bunny Easter baskets, which were much nicer than the 25 cent plastic ones I expected.

The twins were stylish in their matching outfits and cute as always! And here's a couple of pictures by themselves lest you believe they are Siamese twins connected at the hip because they are constantly close to each other. Easton's favorite part of the eggs is taking them apart, discovering the contents, and then putting it back together.

Layla spent most of the day walking through the back doorway. In then out, then in then out. Repeat for 4 hours or until an adult closes the door.

After 14 months of Kendra's father teaching Easton and Layla what to call him, they finally got it! Easton clearly says, "Opa" when referencing him and when we ask Layla, "Where is Opa?" she looks at him, smiles, and points. Now THAT'S progress! She also recognizes and points at GG, pictured here with Kendra.

Our cousin decided to pull Layla around in the little wagon and daredevil Layla loves a thrill like that.

Speaking of thrill seeking... Here's Layla on some contraption that spins around. I wasn't around for this trip to the local park in Cali, but from what Kendra said they had a great time on the never-before-seen park toys.

There is no picture of Easton because he wasn't interested in the experience at all. However, Easton DOES appreciate the humor from uncle Casey where he and Layla giggle at his funny noises. this video will put a smile on your face. :)

Last night we had a big family meal with GG and Casey that included plenty of watching the twins run around without their pants on. They did stay still long enough to watch one of their videos for a few minutes.

See you again soon with more stories from the West Coast.

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