Friday, January 16, 2009

Great Ideas for Birthday

Howdy folks,

Thanks for the comments to the blog and phone calls with ideas for our twins' birthday celebration! We're still open to hear more thoughts on ways to make it great. I agree the party is for the adults since Easton and Layla won't remember a thing and can't even walk yet. We're considering an invite to local friends and family on a weekend afternoon at a park down the street from our house? I do enjoy seeing comments from all of you wonderful people who visit. :)

Before I went to work yesterday Kendra captured Easton and I engaging in one last minute play time before walking out the door. We almost have the same outfit on: Collar shirt, blue pants, big smile. He's missing shoes though because he doesn't have any that fit. We're heading to the baby store this weekend to pick him up some real shoes since he's starting to spend more time on his feet than his knees.

Kendra is continuing to pressure me into changing the theme of the 4Webbs blog. She sees other cool blogs with frilly sidebars, professional pictures, and better color schemes. I know she's right. Maybe I'll get around to spicing up the flash and pizzaz factor, but no promises. My blog represents me... functional, but somewhat plain with a lack of creativity. yeah, that about sums me up. :)

Anyway, during one of kendra's play times with the twins she was teaching hats and on / off. She brought out a few of my ball caps and they all had a good time placing hats on each other.

Lastly for today's blog post I'll throw out the new challenge I'm undertaking starting today. We're going through the "One Month to Live" which takes the idea of reviewing your life to live today as if you were given one month to live. That's a radical thing to really think through. Try it sometime... Write down the top 5 things you'd change. it's amazing to see what is really important and how daily life would change.

See you soon!

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