Monday, January 5, 2009

The Egg Shaker

Hello folks,

Hope your new year is starting off right! I'm still on vacation so every day is filled with family time and once in a while a chance to relax. The 4 Webb's aren't independently wealthy yet especially with the sacrifices we make having a stay at home mom. With that in mind, we are always looking for ways to have fun without spending money. Here's a new trick you can try:

1. Visit your local SubWay sandwich shop
2. Ask nicely if they have any stale bread and if so, would they give it to you
3. Take the free bread to a local pond where ducks hang out
4. Throw the bread to the ducks like Ben Bernanke throws cash at a crisis (lavishly copious)

You'll have happy ducks, feel good about feeding the homeless, and entertain your family!

We go through this routine about once every couple of weeks and add in some time in the swing at the end to really wear them out giggling. You'd think after hearing mom and dad say, "ducks! quack, quack... ducks! quack quack" while watching and hearing the real deal animals in action that the twins would try to say that word or make the noise. Oddly enough, they just sit there amazed with a few kicks of the legs indicating excitement. Oh well, we keep trying!

In other news, our crate of books is bursting at the seams and we had to take over some of my REAL book case to house the plethora of reading material we've amassed over the past year. Easton and Layla LOVE to read books and are still turning the pages all by themselves. The reason I say "still turning" is because I've noticed some new tricks stick permanently and some come and go. Easton says light every single day since he first uttered the amazing word. Here's a picture of him looking up and doing exactly that.

Other tricks like walking, growling like a tiger, clapping, etc. are hit and miss on any given day. One day Layla will clap on command then the next day she'll stare at me blankly as if I were speaking Russian. That's why every day is interesting and unique.

Speaking of unique... Easton and Layla are opposite in many ways. Take for instance the Egg Shaker: We have a plastic egg with what sounds like metal BBs inside. When I give it to Easton and say, "Shake it!" He flashes that handsome smile and gently moves his arm back and forth to shake the egg.

Layla, however, snatches the egg from my hand and promptly crams it into her mouth, waves her arms around, and makes a muffled screaming noise.

I have no idea how she fit it in there, but she spat it out and put it BACK in several times. Seeing their uniqueness with a side by side comparison every day is very interesting to say the least.

My Mom and Dad sent Christmas gifts, but since we were out of state they were waiting for us when we came home. One of the gifts was a stroller / walker and now Easton and Layla have their own individual walkers. Our kitchen looks like a crowded Wal-mart isle with these two roaming around bumping into stuff. Makes me want to pinch my nose (to imitate the poor sound quality of the irritating ladies voice) and say, "Clean up on isle 9!"

Here's a better picture of the stroller thingy where both of them are playing around with it.

I better get to bed now because the dual alarm clocks known as Easton and Layla will be right on time tomorrow morning as usual with my wake up call so we can do it all over again!

See you soon.

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