Saturday, January 17, 2009

get well soon

Hello world,

Since Daddy is the only one of the 4 Webbs without a snotty nose, guess who had ample baby time this weekend?

When I say, "my hands were full" I don't mean that metaphorically. Actually, Kendra and I both had lots of baby time, but I did my best to take as much responsibility as I could over the past couple of days so she can recover.

I had BIG plans for this weekend. When I say plans I mean a prioritized "To Do" list. It included installing a baby gate, child proofing the kitchen cabinets, posting a bunch of stuff on Craigslist, and about 10 other things. Come to find out, I did not choose the correct order of tasks. First on my list was taking pictures for Craigslist stuff and posting ads. However, because I chose to do this BEFORE installing the baby gate, my pictures were unusable:

It's hard to sell a monitor showing babies banging and drooling on it. The only positive aspect is how enormous the monitor looks next to the twins. I gave up on posting ads after that incident and we went back to playing in their new tunnel / play house thing. Easton spent a few minutes at the entrance to the tunnel before fully committing to going in, but now he crawls through it back and forth all day.

Ignore the scratches on his face... Those are just battle wounds from his own fingernails, which Kendra clipped since that incident. Poor kid needs to figure out how to avoid scratching himself so much or he'll look like Edward Scissorhands. Layla dove right into the tunnel and laughed her way through several rounds of peek-a-boo with whoever would poke their head in the other end.

Today I took Layla out alone to do some shopping at the grocery store and of course the obligatory stop by Babies 'R Us for a crate of diapers. Focusing on one baby alone for a few hours was a lot of fun and a whole new experience than normal daily life with twins.

Do you remember me talking about the hand-made jackets from Kendra's mother? For some unknown reason Layla decided to remove them from the Chariot Stroller and swing them around. I decided to take the opportunity to say thanks again to her. Even in warm-weathered Phoenix it still gets chilly at nights so we are definitely putting them to good use.

I'm still getting involved with the One Month to Live challenge and was asked to facilitate a community group from church focused on the challenge. Accepting this responsibility is a really big deal and I'm honored they were confident enough in me to handle it. I'm reading the book that accompanies the study. As I try to put into practice the things I comprehend, it's harder than expected. Just like with many things in life: If it were easy everyone would do it.

For those of us in Arizona who are rooting for our home town Cardinals, we are thrilled to be in the Superbowl! All of us feel like Layla looks:

Yeah, we're really THAT happy!

Have an awesome start to your week and stop by again soon. Go Cardinals!

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