Monday, January 19, 2009

movie of influence

Hello friends and family,

The 4 Webbs aren't letting a little runny nose keep us from enjoying the incredible weather. Yesterday we loaded up the Chariot jogger and took a long walk around the neighborhood. Kendra was getting cabin fever from being inside so much. We soaked up the sun: No wind, 77 degrees, sun on our faces just before it disappeared behind the hills. These are the days in AZ we have to take advantage of. Carpe Diem!

Easton and Layla have both been a little less energetic than usual as they recover from being sick, but every night at 6:00 PM they come alive and play their hearts out in the bath tub.

They are starting to join in and clap as we do the "patty cake, patty cake" song. Their participation (at least clapping offbeat) is much more fun than the previous year of them just staring at us as we act silly. I'm looking forward to all 4 Webbs being silly together.

Yesterday while driving to work I was trying to figure out why I think the way I do. Where did my engineering mindset of figuring things out and considering cause and effect of the future come from? It hit me like a ton of bricks! It all started during my senior year of high school with the movie Sneakers Robert Redford is in that along with several top notch actors. Anyway, here is one of the most impactful conversations from the movie:

Cosmo: Money's most powerful ability is to allow bad people to do bad things at the expense of those who don't have it. I learned everything in this world, including money, operates not on reality, but the perception of reality.

Cosmo: Posit: People think a bank might be financially shaky.
Martin: Consequence: People start to withdraw their money.
Cosmo: Result: Pretty soon it is financially shaky.
Martin: Conclusion: You can make banks fail.

I'm not necessarily that pessimistic about money, but the process of thinking through to a conclusion is exactly like that for me. Kendra feels sorry for me because she says I'm always calculating and thinking too far in the future. Then I tell her she's a tree-hugging California hippie who only lives for today. :) As you can tell we are the perfect match to balance each other out.

Anyway, back to the babies and what their up to... Easton is a manly man. His mullet is righteous. However, he's not afraid to push a dolly in a stroller. Hey, it helps him keep his balance! Check out his one-handed step:

It's breakfast time once again and I can hear Layla banging on the high chair chanting something like, "we want some food! we want some food!"

Have a great Tuesday. :)

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Face Painting By Tam said...

your comments always crack me up. can a mullet truly be "righteous?"