Wednesday, January 7, 2009

18 step program

greetings once again!

When signing the date on checks or legal documents, I've done really well so far to remember to write 2009 not 2008. I remember when the movie "2001 A Space Odyssey" seemed like a far enough time in the distance that the movie premise was actually possible. The movie "2010: the year we make contact" seemed like centuries away, but now is only 1 year away!

Great Aunt Mary (we refer to her as GAM for Easton and Layla's sake) came by for a steak dinner and catching up since she was out of town for many weeks. Along with the great conversation she happily experienced the normal 4 "B's" routine (bath, books, boob, bed) because she was here during the magic hour from 6-7. Oh, how I love to see 7:00 PM. That's quittin' time around the Webb house... when the twins go to bed. Anyway, here's GAM who bravely took the challenge of holding both babies AND reading their nightly books. Please do not attempt this at home. She is a trained professional.

You can see Easton's teeth growing out more every day. GAM must have known we would take picture because she did her hair and got all ready. We, on the other hand, were slobbing around in our pajamas.

While we were in California we had the privilege of spending an Evening with Kendra's long-time friends Jennifer, Mark, Jesse, Brandon, and Grandpa. Her meal was Betty-Crocker-perfect and we had a grand time. Kendra used to babysit Jesse and Brandon. They are in a band (here's the YouTube clip). Hearing this makes me feel so old because Jesse was the happy ring bearer boy in our wedding and they already turned into young men! My how time flies... Jesse gave us two of his own stuffed animals last time we were in town and Layla LOVES Curious George. She drags him around everywhere when we let her take George out of her bed from time to time.

She took 18 unassisted steps in a row today from what Kendra said. I'm not sure I have the patience to count 18 wobbly steps because of my short attention span, but I'm glad Kendra does so we can measure her progress! There is one other picture from the last egg shaker pictures I can't resist posting. When Easton makes noises he usually has one consistent sound and tone where he repeats it over and over with varying volumes. He'll say, "HUH huh Huh HUH HUH huh". Layla runs the scales all the way up to screeching lead soprano. Anyway, Easton also likes to bang things together, such as two plastic balls. It's a talent. Really.

The rarity of this picture is Easton looking directly at the camera. He's usually more interested in anything other than the camera so I was happy to catch this one where he's looking right into the camera with his handsome eyes.

There was a really good picture of Kendra with her friend Dee on Christmas Eve I want to post, but I need to get it from Dee's camera... Can you send it to our email, Dee? I know you're reading this and drinking your morning coffee. :)

Tomorrow is a big day for me with work Tae Kwon Do, poker night, and of course the 5-7 PM mayhem of family time with the 4 Webbs.

Good night all!

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary looks just beautiful! I know it is so fun to hold those babies! Bron..we saw the picture of Ginny shaving your head. You said you shaved the what do you look like now? I'm curious????
18 steps---she is on her way to her first marathon run! love seeing these pictures. joanie