Thursday, December 5, 2013

Intravenous Therapy and Visitors

Greetings friends and family,

There is this date idea called "couple's massage" where a couple will both get a massage at the same time while chatting or just enjoying being in the same room as each other.  We're not like a normal couple and have no intention of letting normal be our goal.  We added a twist today to the idea of a couple's massage by getting a couple's intravenous therapy.  Yes, this is a picture of Kendra and I both with an IV in our elbow.

Why?  For Kendra it is because her gut has been diagnosed with an inability to absorb vitamins and nutrients from food.  I'll preface this next section by saying I'm really excited Kendra has answers to the symptoms she's experienced for years.  This is just my sarcastic humor to make light of a serious situation:

I secretly call her new doctor "Mrs. Quack" because she conducted over $4,000 worth of tests to confirm for Kendra exactly what Ouma has been saying for years:  Kendra's gut is not functioning properly.  The doctor explained it like an apartment complex where each room has holes punched in the walls between the apartments.  All the good and bad guys in her gut are not staying in their own apartment.  That leads to an array of symptoms related to DHEA and the adrenal glands.  

Anyway, Kendra bought another few hundred dollars worth of goblin hair, eye of newt, and fairy tears.  Mrs. Quack says this magic potion that will repair Kendra's gut and return her body to normal in a few months.

She also got infused with vitamins and nutrients intravenously because it's difficult to absorb the necessary vitamins and nutrients for repairing her gut if the problem that needs to be fixed IS absorption.   It's like a person who loses their glasses.  how can they find their glasses if the way they find them is the very problem that needs to be solved?

The good thing about today's interpretation of the tests is that many problems like diabetes and other conditions are ruled out.  this was the best possible outcome for her because the problem is known and the cure is available.  Now we just need time for everything to work.

I filled out several pages for my new patient status.  One of the sections asked questions such as, "do you like your job?" and "Can you describe your significant relationship?"  I answered the second one by writing, "Kendra is the most important person on the Earth and the love of my life."  I wasn't kidding, but I didn't know they doctors actually read that stuff.  The doctor almost shed some tears as she told me how touching it was to see such a loving comment about a spouse.  She asked, "How long have you been married?"  I told her 12 years and she was shocked.  I suppose that's because something like that sounds like what newly weds would write?

Speaking of newly weds...  Aunt Mary arrived Tuesday to spend a few days with us.  Her boyfriend, Joel, arrived today to escape the Oklahoma blizzards and visit.  

We didn't know he was coming until just a few days ago so that part of Mary's trip was a surprise, but we are glad he's here.  We are happy that Mary is happy.  that's the biggest joy of seeing the two of them together.  She lost hope when she lost Uncle Dave almost 6 years ago.  She planned to never marry again or even find love, but then Joel came along and changed all of that.  She has a hope and a future that gave her a twinkle in her eyes that I haven't seen in years.

There's not much else going on with the twins other than how they keep growing taller and smarter by the day.  I remember when Easton would fit in Mommy's lap.  Now he drapes across her just to get some cuddles.

In the last post I referenced Easton's friend Zander, who he sees as the "cool kid" at church with the mohawk.  Zander's hair was tame this day, but this is a good picture of what I call church rats.  They are at the church often and fast becoming good friends.  I like Easton to have friends like this who come from families with the same discipline and values as us.

I'm still recovering from my sickness, decorating for Christmas, and mourning the loss of my Canon camera.  Those are all excuses for not blogging as frequently as I like, but life goes on and we are happy to be moving forward!  

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