Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ready for Kindergarten!

Greetings friends and family,

We have structure and guidelines and process in our daily routine, but being spontaneous can itself be built into the fabric of every day life.  Spontaneous means "Performed or occurring without premeditation or external stimulus".  I have some daily and weekly goals when it comes to fathering and being a husband.  One of those goals of be spontaneous at least once per week in a noticeable way.  This week I've been working normal days and only able to spend a few hours each night with us as a family.  I decided to take Kendra's taco dinner and turn it into a costume party.  Completely without premeditation and with enthusiasm.  As Kendra prepared the meal the three of us chose our costumes and convened at the dinner table.

I don't want the blog to be just a brag board to say "look how great I am", but there are so many great things about parenting that I fill up a blog with all those things because those are on my mind the most.    This is real, normal life for me and I don't hold much back.  I posted our costume picture on Facebook and I'm shocked by how many friends said something like, "wow, that's great.  I wish my (dad, husband, brother) did stuff like that."  I honestly don't know what goes on in the home of other dads because very few put themselves out there to share about their lives.  Because of this I only know my life and role as a dad to be normal.  Normal is whatever your current life is, for better or worse.

One of those "worse" moments happened while I was washing the Pilot in our driveway.  I invited the twins to play in the water and help me wash the car.  While I was scrubbing the hood I heard Easton say, "Let's help Dad was the engine."  I didn't think anything of it because I was washing the hood and they were at the rear of the car.  Then he said, "OK, i think the engine is clean because the water is shooting out of the other tail pipe."

uh-oh.  Now i had a suspicion of what they were doing.  I walked back to find Easton and Layla squatting down with the garden hose pumping water into my tailpipe!  You never know what's really in your heart until a little pressure is applied in a tough situation.  I could have screamed and shamed and disciplined Easton with complete justification.  but I didn't.  Without knowing whether or not this is an engine-ruining accident or not, I stayed calm and pulled the hose out of tail pipe.

Anyway, I'm grateful for these fun memories we get to have together as a family and the chance to be their hero for a few more years.

My Mom and Dad sent the twins personally addressed cards in the mail.  They've received a few of these over the years and it really means a lot to them.  Layla read her whole card with a little help from Kendra.  Easton read a few words and excitedly listened as I quoted the card and their encouraging comments.

Easton and I had some guy-time together at the barber shop.  He needed a haircut for school and I needed one for my management meetings.  I told him to give a sad face for the "before" picture.

We reviewed the picture together and I said, "what happened?  where is your sad face?"  He said, "Dad I don't have a sad face.  sorry."  Can't argue with that!

This was his first haircut at a real salon and not the kid friendly one where they have movies and high chairs. He did really well with conversing with the haircut lady.  So well that she gave him a token to get a huge rubber ball from the vending machine in the lobby.

After our haircuts we hung out in the bike shop looking so I could drool over them.  They didn't have the one I want in stock and I'm not ready to buy just yet anyway, but I'm itching to get back on the trail and ride.  About four months ago I sold my bike and gave the money to our church's building fund campaign towards our commitment.  I'm not sure how we will meet the number we committed to give, but we have two years to give it!  My point in selling the bike was to lead by example with what it means to give sacrificially.  If it doesn't cause some discomfort or hardship then it isn't sacrificial.  As my pastor says, "if it doesn't move you, it doesn't move God."

anyway, I decided not to get a new bike until our church members made pledges equal to the amount needed for the bank to agree to support our project.  I wasn't sure how long it would take for us to accomplish this goal, but we're done!  When we recover financially from the greatest vacation of all times and the major home repairs I'll be on the hunt so I can get back on the trail.

Meet the teacher night was a new experience for all of us.  The school opted to split Easton and Layla between classes and teachers.  We are going along with their recommendation.  Easton's teacher is more passionate about science and math whereas Kendra's teacher is more passionate about arts and creativity.

Easton tried to put his name tag on a desk towards the back of the room, but was easily convinced to move forward to the second row.

Layla walked directly to the front row in the middle and chose her kindergarten fait.  I foresee much hand raising to answer questions and awards for participation.  I'm fairly certain my sister's kindergarten experience was very similar.

Layla met her teacher and became an instant candidate for teacher's pet.  There is nothing wrong with making a good first impression on those in authority.

I explained to the twins how they were going to be in separate rooms (connected with a door) with separate teachers.  They only had one question:  "will we still get to have recess together?"  I said "yes!" and they were perfectly fine with the idea.  Best friends, even in separate classes.

Kendra and I are more apprehensive than the twins about their start in kindergarten, but we know they will do very well.

See you soon!

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