Friday, August 9, 2013

No More Travel, Please

Greetings friends and family,

I took a 4-day trip to Sacramento for work during Easton and Layla's first week of kindergarten.  I found some ridiculously huge sunglasses in my rental car.  Since I forgot mine at home it worked out well to use them while I was there.  Being stuck in meetings all day long didn't allow for much driving around during the daytime.  My boss requested I be present for the week long meeting of 40 top technical and management people.  I was as surprised as my boss with the way I led the conversations and provided recommendations for almost everything.  I had managers asking me for help afterwards who never even knew my name before this week.  As a gift the facilitators gave me $30 in gift cards to iTunes.  Sure is nice to be recognized, but I'm just happy to be a part of the solution!  The other picture is of the corporate jet I get to use for travel back and forth to my office in Sacramento.  Sounds kind of snooty when I write it out, but I'm just really grateful for the career and position I have.

With the exception of Logan and Bree's wedding in a few weeks we have no further travel plans for the next...  decade.  Yes, I know my beard is getting too long.  It's a combination of lazy and compliments from Kendra about how much she likes it.  The dude abides.

The timing was unfortunate because I really wanted to be here for the first few days of their kindergarten experience, but Kendra took pictures and we had a few video chat sessions to catch up.  There was never any doubt in my mind of whether Easton and Layla would acclimate well.  I had no anxiety about this week, but rather anticipation and excitement for them.  I find that whatever attitude we have towards something or someone is usually reflected in the twins' response.  If we are positive and excited about something then they are as well.  This works for church, school, policemen, and the principal.  I explained how the principal at school is the same as our pastor at church.  They met the principal this week and made a special effort to tell me how right I was about him being a nice guy who is there to help.

This morning the 4 Webbs went together to drop them off at school.  I took some video and other pictures, but this is the one I really wanted.  I am incredibly proud of them for being friendly, well-mannered, considerate, and smart.  Kendra is given credit for most, if not all of their character traits.

I took off work this afternoon to hang out with the twins.  I picked them up from school because I missed out doing that during their first few days.  I waited patiently in line with the 300 other moms in their minivans.  On the car ride home Layla told me how some boy gave her bouncy ball.  I can say one thing for sure:  I'm not ready for this.

By "this" I mean boys being interested in Layla.  I thought I had about 4 more years before I had to come to grips with this.  Apparently I had only 4 DAYS after the start of school and it's already here.  She also describe a different boy and girl in their kindergarten classes as "boyfriend and girlfriend".

Sweet Jesus, no.  Not yet.  I don't want to have these kinds of situations with Layla yet, but apparently these are days to start the discussions!

I can tell where their minds are focused based on what questions they ask me as I sit with them in their bed at night.  Here are the two questions I was asked tonight:

Layla - Why do you call me beautiful princess?
Easton - Why do volcanoes erupt?

My work is cut out for me, but I know I'm up to the challenge.  We have a whole weekend of fun planned starting bright and early Saturday morning when Easton, Mr. Happy Sunshine, comes bounding into our room at 7 'o crack in the morning.  I hope we get to go give out food to some poor families in the hood.  That's time well-spent.

See you soon (with better pictures from the week).

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