Friday, August 30, 2013

Logan and Bree's Wedding

Hello friends and family,

I officially have a new sister, Bree!  She's stuck with me and Casey as her only brothers. :)

The wedding included all 4 Webbs, Oupa as the officiator, Ouma sitting front-and-center, and the happy couple in the joyous occasion.  I'm happy to report there were no major party fouls during the ceremony or or AFV worthy moments to mar the happiness.

The hours before the wedding were spent differently for the boys and girls as you can imagine.  Kendra and Layla were in the luxurious bridesmaid suite getting $100 hair and makeup pampering.  They came out to the second floor balcony to see us boys getting our pictures taken.  I wanted to call out, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!"  My two special ladies were the most beautiful of the wedding procession.

Easton felt really comfortable all suited up for the big game.  He asked, "Why do we have so many clothes on?"  shirt, vest, and jacket was two layers more than he ever wears in Phoenix.

This picture of Casey, Logan, and Easton will be in the back of my mind to pull out when Casey gets married and then again when Easton gets married.  To see the way he will grow is sure to be a good picture comparison.

As a gift to Layla for being the flower girl, Bree gave Layla an embroidered cloth.  It says:

You don't know it now
but someday, somehow
you'll be a beautiful bride
down the aisle you will stride
so here's something for you
to be old and be blue
to hold on the day
your dad gives you away
Love Always
Auntie Bree and Uncle Logan

That is a very sweet memento for Layla.  I was on the verge of tears several times thinking about Layla being a bride someday.  Reading this was almost overwhelming for to consider.  I have several years to get my act together for the role of saying "her mother and I".  several...  years.  In the mean time I'm glad to have Layla be a part of such a well done ceremony.  During the bridesmaid pictures I caught this one over the photographer's shoulder.

I gave the camera to a groomsman to take a picture of Layla and I.  This is such a funny picture because in the moment I was saying "please take three pictures", but Layla was saying, "only ONE!"  She is such a negotiator.

Easton and I ran into the girls in the hall before all of the fanfare.  I wanted to get one last hug and kiss from them.

Logan's gift to the groomsmen and Mr. ring bearer was a new pair of Chuck Taylor Converse shoes.  The formality of the wedding was classy, but the Chuck Taylors were just the right touch of coolness.  I wasn't so sure of the black and white only color scheme of the wedding, but after seeing the pictures I really like the way everything turned out.  I thought it might be too bland at first, but it's easily my favorite wedding colors of any I've seen or been a part of before.  

Almost game time!  We all lined up for the ceremony and the twins were ready for the spotlight with rings and flowers.  They are the perfect age to still be cute and child-like, while at the same time able to obey instructions to pull off such key roles.

Quick picture of Casey and Ashley behind over my shoulder before we marched down the aisle.

Uncle Gordon held my camera and kindly took this shot of us looking down the aisle at Bree and her Dad.

Afterwards when the family was taking pictures I took a common selfie of Layla and I where I spin around and hold the camera at arms length.  Turned out well!

The reception was a few steps away from the ceremony.  Bree and Logan decorated with a video gaming related theme. Kendra and I had our seats saved with these personalized tents.  I was Link and she was Zelda.

We took a break from the reception to run back upstairs for sunset photos.  My camera was setup properly to capture the colors, but they still turned out well.  The 4 Webbs are proudly posing and happy to be a part of the wedding weekend.

Of all the pictures I hoped for, this is the one I vowed to get.  Four generations of the linage of the ladies in my life.  Layla, Kendra, Mom, and GG.  Layla is blessed to have such great genes and heritage flowing down to her.  

And on the Burgess side, we were happy to have a few brief moments with Grandma Burgess.  Kendra's good looks are split right down the middle between both sides of her linage.  

And here is the Four generations on the men's side of the equation.  Oupa and Grandpa Burgess round out are building a legacy of honor to stand the test of time.  

At the end of the ceremony Kendra and I were the last bridesmaid and groomsman to walk down the aisle.  We paused when we stepped together and gave each other a big kiss in front of the audience.  Felt just like on our own wedding day, but even better after 11 years.  The sunset kiss is more than just a show of affection.  I know couples who take these pictures, but hate each other.  I feel sad for couples who have to pretend to be in love in public.  For us, it's all we can do to be civilized and keep our hand off each other in public.

 Back inside we got the party started. It took many of the guests a few drinks to get their boogie on, but the 4 Webbs weren't about to wait for an alcohol buzz to get our groove on.  This picture of Layla summarizes the reception.  She danced her legs off!

During the money dance I gladly threw my yuppie food stamp into the awesomely decorated money box so that Layla could experience a dance with Uncle Logan.  

And of course Kendra waited for her turn to dance with her brother.  

The most impressive part of the reception was Logan and Bree's first dance.  Unlike Kendra and I in our wedding, they were busting out spins, dips, and moves I hadn't seen before.  That was one of the things I wish we would have done differently for our wedding, but not much else.  Each wedding reflects the unique character and nature of the couple being married.  I liked ours as much as I liked Bree and Logan's.

Our Honda Pilot just passed 100,000 miles.  Even though it's never given us any problems, it's getting old and stuff is starting to break.  While in SLO the air conditioner busted.  Driving during the day into 108 degree temperatures was not an option.  So after the reception we packed up the car and drove through the night to get home.  We arrived at 6:30 AM tired, but content with how well everything worked out.

So many great memories were made from this road trip, ocean-front wedding.

See you soon!

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